A vehicle for self-promotion used by the most pathetic and mindless people in order to instill some sort of false meaning into their otherwise worthless lives. The most egocentric people in the world can be found on Myspace and pride themselves on posting pictures of their dumbass friends getting drunk with them. Unfortunately, they don't realize that anybody with a computer can access their profile and blackmail them using these wayward images. My personal favorite Myspace trend is when people put pictures of the gay bands that they like such as MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE or GREEN DAY or other despicable emo shit that doesn't deserve to see the light of day, as if they personally know the members of the band. Myspace is worthless and should be made into something useful, like a landfill.
Did you know that Dane Cook has a Myspace?
Yeah, that makes it totally gay.
by plumpkin December 06, 2005
a place to add people you barely know or people who live all around the world. all though you in fact do not know any of these emo/scene kids you add them to gain your friend count, and make pointless comments to each other. myspace users can't wait to go home and check their myspace even if they know nothing new is on there, and although everyone knows myspace is stupid people can't help but be signed on to it 23 hours of the day and even leave it on when they are out doing things. in fact these days people can't resist the urge to go on myspace so they immediately sign on to it on their phone after leaving their house computer and getting in the car. many people add random kids they have never seen in life with stupid slutty myspace photos just to gain photo comments and to have a lame conversation once with them consisting of the usual "hey whats up", "oh not much", "thats good".

people have used myspace to replace an actual life with a virtual world that makes themselves feel better about who they are but in fact no one really cares about them: seeing that no one knows who they are in real life.

myspace allows for unsocial pathetic people with 0 friends in real life be able to create a network of fake internet "friends" that they say will hang out with each other in real life yet never do in fact. many of these myspace whores will have stupid names like "ellen extasie" or "dean dominated". these names usually are alliterations and these myspace whores use them to entice other users. yet they are just stupid weak pathetic names that were created in four hours of waisted thinking.
many young high school students get addicted to this site and use it as a way of entertainment.
"hey jean what did you do yesterday night"

"oh you know the usual i was on myspace for a few hoursfive hours adding random people and making pointless conversations"

"yay same with me!"
by tom massacre July 17, 2008
It's the best site on the internet.
It's the worst site on the internet.
There is basically no inbetween.

Unlike Yahoo and Google and other popular sites, myspace is either a site that you absolutely love and can't get enough of it, or you just look at it and want to throw up. There is no inbetween. Pretty much everybody likes to use Google in one shape or form, and even YouTube is not that bad; a lot of people love YouTube, but myspace is basically a site that you love or just wish it will die.
Person 1: I Love myspace... I can spend all day on it.
Person 2: Ick... I hate it. It just filled with a bunch of pedophiles and 12 year old hoes, and the layout is just horrible, and it's old, like it was made in like 2003, thatz old shit...
You'll never here this: eeh...it's OK!! I can take it or leave it.. woah I can find some parent approved porn on here. *jerks off*
by MySpace Bob December 28, 2007
A widespread epidemic of scene kids and emos trying to see how popular they are. People only join myspace because everyone else is always talking about how they met this "really cute guy/girl last night on Myspace!" and how they have "5,000 picture comments." Of course every teen wants to be part of something so fabulous, and plus, you get to upload thousands of pictures of yourself and make cool profiles. It's the perfect way to exploit yourself on the internet, since everyone can see your pictures, and an even better way to make up a "fake" you, because no one sees you in real life. Kids will often "steal" pictures of glamorous scene girls and claim them as their own. Apparently they are too obsessed with being "cool"
that they think they have to be someone else. Myspace has recently become the hot spot for many scenesters who love taking pictures of themselves and photoshoping their "myspace name" into the corner of it. Myspace has also become notorious for its "perfection groups" filled with self-absorbed scene kids who think that everyone is jealous of them. But the most important thing to remember is that myspace is just an ego contest. You are always seeing how many friends you can get, and how many people will comment your pictures.
"Yeah, well I have 5,623 friends on Myspace."

"Stop stealing my Myspace pictures."

"I'm REAL, so stop copying me. Check out my Myspace Proof video if you think I'm fake. Mkay?"

"I can't believe I got 400 friend requests today on Myspace!"

"I love this mirror picture of me in my hello kitty underwear."
by KylieIsn'tWearingSocks July 09, 2007
my space.... NOT YOURS!
"im going to your myspace"
"no your going to myspace... like im going to YOURspace!!! JACKASS"
by SUPA STAN June 14, 2007
A place for emo no life faggots to spill out their tears.
Fred0949's MySpace Blog:

<Fred0949> My mom called me a bitch today, so I slit my wrist.

<jIm4930> oMg CoOl!lllllll!1!!!1
by Demsac June 10, 2007
A website of pure evil
"Did you check out my new pic?"

"Yeah dude it was bitchin'...I like the use of too much flash on your cheap ass digital camera. the way you used your mirror was tight, too."

"Yeah. My Myspace rules!"
by RODE THE CHOAD IS GOD May 19, 2007
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