Place where you talk to your friends and hang out and listen to music. And add people, if they seem even remotely familiar, like, from the third grade. Not as bad as everyopne makes it out to be. The only people who criticize it that much are the ones who can't get any friends or their parents won't let them go on, or some other stupid thing.
The only really annoying thing about myspace is the chain letters on the bulletin. GRRR!

Now that you have opended this you have to keep reading. If you break the chain the zombie of (insert name here) will creep out from under your bed at (insert early hour of the morning here).
by myaaa November 07, 2006
another internet form of softcore porn
Let's go view some MySpace's to see people we don't know!
by this is me August 05, 2005
Okay, kiddies, quit with the lame shit of trashing MySpace, or scene and emo kids. Here is a REAL definition of the site:

A website created for members to contact friends, or family. Also, you can comment, message (or 'email'), photo comment, blog comment on their profile, or whatever it is they posted.

The site has become very well known, and every micro second there is a new member of the site. Over 2,000,000 users.

News reports of people being raped, or (I think) murdered from meeting or giving out personal info about where they live, etc. have been told from all over. One of the main reasons why many parents do not want their children (14+) to be a member of the well-known site. Also, they do not want them to be in contact with those of whom they do not know.

There are multiple accounts of..wait for it..KIDS UNDER EVEN 10 YEARS OF AGE. They can easily become adicted, from having such a young - and not very knowing (no offense) - mind of the endless possiblities of what can happen to them.

'MySpace Layout sites' have been created to have items for you to use to decorate/design your profile with, without the hassle of actually trying to figure out the certain codes of every little thing. Also, there are MySpace Layout Generators, where you can easily create your own layout, though it is not as 'professional' as most of the sites on MySpace. Usually the sites' profile has an image of either the owner, themself, or of someone else, either a site model or a random person found on DeviantART or PhotoBucket, or any other website.

Roleplayers are constantly found throughout the site. If you search a celebrity's name, you are bound to find at least TWO roleplayers of that celebrity. Roleplayers are just people who create profiles of a (usually) favorite celebrity, sometimes re-name them or give them a completely new personality, and 'act out scenes.' Most people find it quite enjoyable. There has been the habit of people mistaking these people for the REAL thing, esspecially if they say somewhere on their profile that they are the real thing, which is complete bull shit.

Emo and scene people normally have MySpaces, along with gangsters/ghettos. Some preps type like they are trashy (which really isn't much of information). They have multiple photos (most do, actually), and have their profile made to look very similar to a layout site's profile.

There are many MySpace addicts. They tend to put going on the site before school, work, etc. and consider it 'their life.' Constant songs have been made to make either fun of the site, or to show an 'adiction.'
That's about it, I think.
1) Talk to me when you learn english.
2) WuTzZ ^ hOm!3??!
3) Person One: "Oh my gosh! Do you have a MySpace?"
Person Two: "Yeah, I've got twelve of them! How many do you have?"
Person One: "Twenty! YAY!"
by Summer. December 16, 2007
The reason i never do my homework, and always sleep in class.
A place where you meet "hawt" new people, and then meet them in person and they are butt ugly.
A place where you brag about your b/f or g/f.
A websitee wheree everythingg hass twoo letterrss at thaa endd off everyy wordd!!!
TEACHER: why havent you done any of your homework?
ME: cus i was checking my myspace....duh

OMG!! i lyk ttly got new picz!! you should lyk ttly coment!! or i will lyk ttly kick ur effing azz!!

MYSPACE BLOG: my life is not worth living...somebody check my myspace while i go kill myself.thankzz nukka:)
BTW comment my lyk ttly hawt new picz!!
by asdfghjkl;;; September 01, 2007
A place for emo no life faggots to spill out their tears.
Fred0949's MySpace Blog:

<Fred0949> My mom called me a bitch today, so I slit my wrist.

<jIm4930> oMg CoOl!lllllll!1!!!1
by Demsac June 10, 2007
Okay I've written several MySpace related words before, Let's get real.

A fucked up world of glitzy pictures and glitter graphics. The site, which is bombarded with ''t33nyb00pp3rs'' and overly pathetic teenagers looking to get laid across the globe. Most people over 30 shun the site as ''a waste of America's time'' but we all know that they are lying and they sneak off to use MySpace as well. Pretty soon we won't need phones because MySpace will fill that role. Thankfully we know that Tom, the creator can finally masturbate with knowing he has support, the millions of fucktards that joined MySpace.
myspace-The real global warming
by DizzyLizzy March 06, 2007
Usually used for a website, myspace is used as an insult to show how slow the person is or how gay they are.
guy#1: you are as slow as myspace.
guy#2: Fuck you.

guy#1: you are like myspace.
guy#2: you are like a douche-bag.

guy#1: hurry up mr. myspace.
guy#2 Shut the hell up mr. ass hole.
by jimmybobob October 29, 2006

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