Hermit, friendless, in real life, endlessly adding aliens to their friends list.
haii add me on myspace.

by douchebagggggggg February 28, 2009
The only site on the internet that attracts so much drama in one teeny tiny site!
Most ppl get one to communicate wit frens family etc. But get more then what they bargained for
But its still amazing!<3
I blocked some stalker on myspace yesturday, he said he was in my closet!
by teh.sexy.monster.named.nicole November 01, 2008
A large network for buisnesses, networking, friends, messaging, im, fun, and overused by scene kids. The ghetto, the losers, the nerds, the emos, the lil kids, and just everyone.
Caligirl: Ay girrrrl! I was like at the mall, the other day, I was kinda got bored, so I went to Hot Topic, bitch!! :D
Ghettogirl: Who gives a f*ck, loser. Go get drunk, Barbie. DGFUB!!!
Caligirl: Well, I'm just finsta go to Myspace, I have more friends then you anyways, thats becuase I'm prettier and obviously more popularrrr, BITCH!!! :b &hearts;
Ghettogirl: Well I'm gonna go the thrift store, and I got more a$$ then you, HOE. thats why I get more boys askin, YA KNOW, HOE?
by joybird May 11, 2008
A place that parents have the horible notion is evil and kids ages 9-15 just love. Is also a place that you can meet friends and talk or chat with real ones. I know everyone says myspace is additing but really its not. But everyone and thier mother has one.
britney-hey lucy i just got a myspace its so totally awsome so likke get one!!!!111!!!!!!11!111!11

lucy-but i want to be my own person and everyone has one

britney-so (join the army)?
by join the army! March 08, 2008
A place where the loser loner nerd gay emo ghetto so called cool and everyone in between interact electronically. Very addictive when your freinds encourage you to create an account.
Dumb Bored Bitch: Check out my myspace space I have over 300 freinds 60 egotisical pics of me as well as paragraphs of info about me my freinds and all the sad shit I get up to.
by ~Wog _Warrior~ July 28, 2007
the 21st Century's internet cigarette... Very very adicting!!!!
I need to loose my Myspace adiction!!!!
by Rutgers69 June 30, 2007
a place for girls and guys to get addicted to and act toally odd and frendships are made and there is A LOT of drama...but its fun!A place for stalkers to find new prey, a place that will change your life...yet its the best place EVER
Girl#1: OMFG Y AM I NOT ON UR TOP 150??? am i NOT important

GIRL#2: OMG NO just not as important as mike

Girl#1: You met him YESTERDAY..w.e

OMG my myspace jsut got deleted!!

by who


wow, well just make a new one... and this time you can be a 20 year old who wants to date!!


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