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biggest,most useless and annoying waste of space and time EVER!!

the worst thing to happen to the internet since Napster...a site where losers post pics taken in their bathrooms and share their personal information with the entire world and where people constantly whore their asses off online just to 'get a comment'

who gives a fuck if you have 21,000 friends on myspace, if you end up broke and homeless...ZERO of those 'friends' will show up and aid you
chicks at school: OMGzZ!!1 i am soooooo mad at chad because he didnt read my comment on Myspace!!

me: shut the fuck up with that myspace shit already! you artifical,materialistic cock master whores

chicks at school: ur just mad because you dont have friends on myspace LOLZ

me: yeah?? well at least i have 2 REAL FRIENDS who are there for me whenever i need them....
by tha truth teller August 07, 2006
21 14
myspace is life. everything about myspace is perfection. what cant you get out of it?

pictures. friends. commments. hotties.....

myspace is everything a person needs in life to win.
Myspace is life, everything is perfect when Myspace is in use.
by danielle domarasky May 05, 2007
7 22
the site on the INTERWEB where COOL KIDS (not really) whore themselves around. kids with emo/scene hair love to take gay photos of themselves from all angles scientifically possible, and people friend them because they think they look so cool when really theyre all just counterfeit whores with nothing else to waste theyre brains on. they all think theyre so cool with their dyed fake choppy hair when really the only people looking at their pages are theyre gay friends and the people who hate them. they say things that try to make them look UBER COOL and HxC and theyre mindless friends add stupid comments to boost theyre either ruined or already huge egos. they spend hours every day on editing their profiles' or browsing other profiles but swear that they have lives. they think theyre original and unique when really theyre copying every other faggot thats there.
"Teens on my space thinks theyre so HxC. I think theyre HxC. not."
by your favorite backdoor whore March 02, 2007
11 26
Evidence that society has fallen.

My space for the emo:
Kids in girls jeans and heavy make-up that post pictures of themselves (the kind of picture they take themselves) and write some over-dramtic headline such as "I'll die for you" while making some kind of attempt to meet a girl and finally getting some pussy. The page also includes a song by Evergreen Terrace or Everytime I Die.

My space for the whores:
Pictures of them in some kind of slutty clothing with their friends. They are there to find new boys but in fact, they already have boyfriends. They post comments about the different cocks they suck and compare prices on the handjobs they give out.

My space for the posers:
The kind of people that joined my space years after it was created and take the time to "pimp" out their profiles so they fit in better.

My space for the gangsters (and wanksters):
The pussies; who in real life could not fire a weapon, that design their profiles to make them look gangsters. With pictures of them holding plastic guns followed by a quote such as "The world is mine" or "I gotta do what I gotta do" and they give themselves a nickname from mob or gangster movies.

My space for the assholes:
This includes the typical high school freshman or some kind of annoying douche bag such as retarded jocks, world of warcraft players, extreme conservitive/liberial, redneck hillbillies, and transparent people who think they need a profile.

My space for those that were not mentioned:
The rest are all stalkers.
90% of people on my space are emo.
by Capt. Crunch May 20, 2007
20 36
A place where you can show pictures of yourself in black, with white make up on, and your hair covering one eye.
Emo Kid 1: Did you see my new pic on my space?
Emo Kid 2: No, But you wanna get some coffee?
by N. Matt March 16, 2005
45 62
A place which is perfect for attention whores who need to announce every single thought that comes to mind, new band they like or saw, or to point out yet another picture of themselves or pictures with their friends.

It is also great to boost your ego with the amount of friends you can have without even taking the time to get to know them except for a few comments and emails. Pictues can be sent also in the comments so you can show everyone what you did last weekend or last night. This is where you can get all the compliments you ever dreamed of to inflate your head.

Note: Myspace is not for those individuals who are insecure AND are in a relationship because you can just kiss your bf/gf goodbye. It promotes jealousy and all the nasty emotions that go along with it. I highly suggest getting off myspace if you are one of these people; you'll thank me later.
"What was one of the causes of your break up?" "Myspace"
by babygirllika September 13, 2005
145 163
the greatest place on earth.
Everyone is on myspace. Over 90 million people. It is not just teenagers. Go ahead, get addicted.
If you don't get a myspace page, you'll never be in my Top 8.
by cuzimaboss September 07, 2006
11 31
The most addicting, random, popular website for teens 13-17 who either want to promote their popularity by showing how much more comments/friends/profile views they have or promoting their image as a slutt. Everyone decides to go on every oh i dunno... about 4.5 minutes to try to see if there was a comment, bulliten, message, or friend request made. They will also put random information about sex in hopes of getting twenty stalker guys to add them so they can say "hey. i have more friend requests than YOU"
ex 1: myspace teen1:ooooh look at this... FIVE REQUESTS
myspace teen2: do you even know those guys???
myspace teen1: pshh no but i'll add them and see if they comment on my hott pics!!!
by Ryannnnn July 06, 2005
145 166