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A myspace member who has, as his default picture, a picture of him with a typical Daddy Yankee hat, chains and a huge shirt.

You are a Myspace Reggaetoner if you say True to three of the following statements:
1. I am latin and love Daddy Yankee
2. I am Puerto Rican
3. I love to wear chains
4. My myspace name includes capital letters like ThIs and a bunch of symbols (...$%!"&)
5. My myspace background is black.
6. I have a Wisin & Yandel video playing on my page.
7. The font I have used is bright blue or white.
8. I add a bunch of "fine ladies" who are latin or african american to my myspace regardless of whether I know them or not.
9. I overuse the phrase "putos".
10. My default myspace pictures includes me posing as a famous reggaeton artist, with a big white shirt and a Yankees cap.
#1: Youzz soo fineezz pUtToZZzz!
#2: leave me alone you myspace reggaetoner!
by humans are scary June 19, 2006
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