A person who prefers touching themselves more than the opposite sex or of those that are the same sex, someone who masterbates more than having sexual contact with anyone else (mysexuals are sometimes loners)
if your not straight, bisexual or gay you must be mysexual
by miss slang June 11, 2010
Top Definition
A person who engages in sex exclusively with themself via masturbation.
I gave up on men, and women for that matter, I'm a practicing mysexual.
by isabeau March 14, 2006
someone that is attracted to himself (herself).
Jake: Hey cutie, you want your dick sucked?
Jake: Uhhhhh...gross?
Jake: OHHHH I see, you're playing hard to get. C'mon don't be shy....
Brendan (Jake's older brother): Jake, stop flirting with yourself. You need to get over this mysexual stage, I mean you've had a crush on yourself since the third grade.
by c-brabs June 30, 2011
someone who pretends to be homosexual on myspace for the sake of getting some play. usually a guy trying to get girls
in a comment someone might say, come on over my house girl cause im way gay and i just love that man stick.

then she would reply, im not falling for that shi* your a g*d damn mysexual fk off
by evan L December 25, 2007
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