t3h Moddy mod of drunkin me
myrth bans medrunk with Cjayc of Gamefaqs
by Garfy December 19, 2004
Top Definition
an extreme form of flatulence recorded by voice notes on a cell phone or any other digital recording device and published to an audience, usually via text message. Myrth is generally produced by one's relatives or friends and is mainly a morning ritual but, sometimes is published in the evening. If, while producing myrth, the producers unit expels anything other than pure gas it shall not be classified as myrth but, instead, a shart. To be considered myrth the production must last longer than 15 seconds.
Every morning when I wake up I rush to my cell phone to listen to my Uncle's latest production of myrth. This morning was better than usual because it was at least 30 seconds of solid sound and covered many octaves.
by myrthmaniac November 18, 2009
The main Spam remover of the Nationstates Forum. Pretty freindly if you don't annoy or harass him. Also know as the Myth of Myrth
This post has been deleted by Myrth
by Petsburg October 17, 2004
Myrth is Teh 1337 M0dz0r
Myrth. Owns. You. Period.
by Superpower07 November 06, 2004
A supremely sexy male. Adored by all females for his incredible good looks and sexual prowess. Also known as 'Smasher of Furries.'
Arch nemesis of the furry fandom.
Wow, Myrth is so hot
by Myrth June 12, 2004
any homosexual man put in a position of power (which he usually abuses)
myrth is an example. that one governor who was found to be a cocksucker was a myrth too!
by Philopolis May 08, 2005
The man of my dreams and father of my unborn child
don't deny your love for me any longer Myrthy baby
by Fairy Tink May 08, 2005
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