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AKA Doll

A very pretty Vietnamese DOLL.

A wild, loud, funny, sweet, and sometimes angry Vietnamese lady. You don't ever want to mess with her.

The baby of the family.

You're my Doll. You're my Mymy

I miss my Doll. I miss my Mymy
by Sissy sissy sissy August 13, 2010
the most outrageous, randomest , cutest chick ever.
she may confuse you , but it can amaze you how she can always make you smile and forgive.
I'm sad, I need mymy.
by hcacc July 10, 2008
A way of say someone is surprised about something, sometimes being a little sarcastic
Ex 1.- my my, What do we have here?
Ex 2.- my my, are you jealous, it's "rare" from you?
by mythical-human August 16, 2009
a synonym for myspace
Kid: Have you been on my my lately?
Me: Nah, bra, facebook is were it is at!
by Lonnie Monroe June 11, 2007
It's simple! My My is a nice southern way of calling BULLSHIT!!
"Pamela Anderson called me last night!"

"Yea uh huh, my my!"
by iliveintiawana July 27, 2009
A shortened way of saying "Myspace".
"Yo, Jackson, you got a Mymy?"
"Hell no man - that shit is whack."
by OrdealByFire... Yo! July 10, 2008