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Make Your Life Extraordinary

Memorable quotes for the movie Dead Poets Society staring Robin Williams

Carpe Diem MYLE

MYLE my son
by dejon97.com February 26, 2009
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Myles is a person often very tall and well-built. He is very handsome and always dresses well. He has a sharp mind and is very smart and witty. If you are talking to a Myles, you will find yourself smiling and wishing that he could be yours, though you know he can't. Myles' generally have blonde hair and blue eyes and go for girls named Katy or Ashton because of their bubbly personalities. Myles' are fun people to be around and never fail to make everyone around them happy. They have amazing athletic ability, and are often three sport athletes. Most Myles' play basketball or rugby. They are always looking for a nice girl with a good sense of humor and who they can spend hours talking to. They don't date just to date, and they spend their time getting to know someone before they start. A Myles can light up the room in an instant by cracking one of his witty jokes or even just creating conversation. A Myles has many friends, girls and boys, and, while he maybe isn't the most popular in the class, everyone sees the good in him and loves him. He is a great best friend and boyfriend and anyone who knows him is lucky to have that privilege.
"Wow, it's Myles. I'd sure love to get to know him better."
by Basketball Stud June 18, 2014
1 1
She an amazing person. She realest person out there. Fw her hit her up. She cool with anything. Fuck with her she will fuck you up. She pretty and perfect. Don't get her confused with none doe. She got a big booty !.
My Le hosted an awesome party last night!
by My Le May 29, 2014
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Abbreviation for Make your life extraordinary. Created as a response to YOLO, which may encourage reckless and shortsighted behavior. MYLE seeks to encourage actions that enhance an individual's character and expands on life affirming experiences. More closely related to the concept of Carpe Diem than YOLO.
"Because I'm out of shape, I've been training every day for the marathon. MYLE"
by eeyoreisalive December 27, 2013
4 6
A Boy with the Heterotype of having brown hair, and a really nice person to be around. Common girlfreind name for a Myles would be Kari. Usually gets really jealous if his girlfreind is with someone other then him. Favorite store is Hollister.
"Hey, I just Saw Myles yesterday, what a cool guy."

"I just saw Myles with some sword."
by Mylzz May 01, 2009
70 73
an italien also known as "WAPPA G"
wow check out that WAPPA G
"hey isnt that myles ?"
YA thats one cool WAPPA G
by joshtheantiwhappag April 06, 2009
16 43