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1: supreme
2: Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped
3: divine Principle
4: person or thing of supreme value
5: a powerful ruler
"Did you see the new girl?''
"She's such a Myla, I just want her to Rule my world!"
by awe5ome0ne January 28, 2009
131 39
MY Love Affair; Commonly used as a cover-up phone entry such as ICE
I listed the girl I'm cheating on my girlfriend with as MYLA on my contacts list
by TruthBeTold1204 May 16, 2011
43 36
Girl who is ghetto to the extreme. Born and raised in the "skreets". Believes everything is ghetto. Is in denial of her ghetto-ness
Speaks ebonics.
You: Myla, you are ghetto.
Myla: No, you is ghettoooooooo, foo
by notghettoperson April 08, 2010
31 79