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beautiful girl. thinks she is a bro hoe when she really isn't. amazing, funny, weird in a good way. the greatest gf u could have and easy to love. i would do anything for her and i hope she would for me too. we need to hang out soon but her mom is too wack and wont let us
dawg that girl is such a myka.
by koonar March 08, 2010
A very passionate and loyal woman. A Myka always imagines the best for everyone. The law of kindness resides within her and she is highly intelligent. She has great character and is seriously attractive in the flesh.
Wow! Bro, did you see that girl Myka?
Yea! Fortunately I got to meet her!
by FORACROULTRASOPH April 07, 2015
A crazy, fat, stupid cow that tries too hard to make people happy. She'll hurt you and break promises. She can't be trusted.
His ex girlfriend was such a Myka... It's a good thing he got away from her
by Blackrose324 June 17, 2016
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