Stagey faces that tweens/teenagers/emo kids use when posting pictures on myspace.
These faces include:
'omg!' (eyes wide, hand covering mouth)
'wtf?' frown, hands bent and out to the side)
'Happy Asian' (peace signs on either side of the face, pulling eyes sideways while doing so)
'i don't care' (raised eyebrows, looking at the corner of the ceiling, sideways mouth)
'serious and i mean it' (eyes downcast, stupid unsmiling expression)

These myfaces are usually accompanied by some super lame camera angle like above and diagonal.
people need to learn that myfaces don't make them look fun OR quirky in any way.
by Angelacia March 16, 2008
a collective reference to myspace, facebook, friendster and any other such website.
"I got some great pics at the party the other night"

"I want to see them, did you put 'em up on myface?"
by gus forplay July 29, 2009
A combination of the two most popular internetworking sites
Mrs. Kruger thinks that alex has been on myface too much lately
by MAKK shnuminuhhh April 18, 2009
A term used when someone is going to network on myspace and facebook.
Marie: hey what are you doing after school?
Matt: uh, I'm going to go home and myface.
by nana18 April 15, 2009
A social networking disease. Symptoms include posting on Facebook or Myspace several times a day. Checking your email many times in a day.
Being obsessed with social networking websites like Facebook and Myspace.
Also, see Spacebook and Mybook
Hey Charlie, all you do is check your email, I think you have Myface!

by The X guy April 21, 2009
constantly and mindlessly checking your Myspace & Facebook.
"I was so bored on the bus to NYC, all I did was Myface."
by flickrfocker March 28, 2009
A combinatorial social application that weds both MySpace and Facebook. Implies an imaginary, ultra-personal and often times an orally-sexual connotation with its use.
Oh my God, that dude is so old and he has a MySpace profile - he is likely to be a dirty pedophile. I wouldn't want him or his thing anywhere near MyFace.

That dude's Facebook profile picture is so damn hot, I want him naked on MyFace.
by marcotrick August 21, 2009

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