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A wonderful urban singer/entertainer! Usually sings hip-hop and R&B.
Mya is my favorite singer!
by ReB August 05, 2003
306 188
A beautiful, multi-talented, musician/ dancer/actress with the kindest heart and most humble nature.
"Man, Mya's the shit!"
by NaughtyShorty November 29, 2003
624 247
She's the most amazing goregeous girl ever. She loves scary movies. If you can catch a mya.. hold on to her. Theyre usually short, funny, and energetic. She also has many hidden talents. Mya is mysterious, and sexy. Bet you cant wait to find out what your Mya can do.
Alll the Boys: Damn i love her. I just wanna smang her.

Girl: Ugh i hate her. Why don't any of the boys like me?
Girl 2 : Duh, youre trying to compete with a Mya -_- E V E R Y O N E loves the Myas.
by namedefiner0.2 August 11, 2011
444 159
a very beautiful singer/dancer from DC.
My favorite Mya album is Fear of Flying
by Rachel August 21, 2004
277 197
Can be abreviated to M. The three letters M, Y, A are short for "The most incredible person in the entire galaxy times infinity plus one".
by hypnotist November 27, 2008
225 147
A gorgeous multitalented girl. She is typically tall with brown hair and beautiful eyes and perfect lips. She has a gorgeous smile. She has a lot of energy and will always have you on your toes. She likes to be in the know and will probably ask many questions. She over thinks things and has a tendency to get obsessed or jealous easily. Take your time with a Mya. Don't make one angry, they are typically good at revenge and capable of making your life miserable. A Mya has a. Strong sex drive and is known to be good in bed. A Mya is very random and spontaneous and will be up for anything. A Mya is mysterious and sexy. They're very persuasive and are good at getting what they want. They're smart and powerful. Everything a guy could want. If you get the chance to meet a Mya, hold on to her tight even if she tries to run. She is probably running to see if you will chance her. Do it.
I hung out with Mya the other day and damn... She's complex.
by Areyou4realz November 09, 2013
93 15
Acronym for Miss You Already.

As seen on Bring it On: All Or Nothing (3)
Jack: I'm going on a business trip. I'll be gone for 18 days.
Jill: MYA!
by HEY:)(: May 15, 2010
130 81