when one takes offense to another criticizing their music
Bobak: Dude youre music is so gay

Dubs: THATS WHY ITS MYPOD not yours!!!
by Dubs22 November 28, 2007
Top Definition
An apple mp3 player (iPod) which you have just purchased and you are showing off to your friends (even though, they all have one too, along with the rest of the world).
My + iPod = myPod

"Hey guys, look at myPod"
by David Hawaii February 23, 2007
Chris: I don't like the songs on your ipod.
by dubs22 October 28, 2007
a compound word used to join together my and iPod (saying "my iPod" doesn't flow right).
Hey Chris, where is mypod?
by hassalex February 21, 2009
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