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A show on MTV where spoiled brats waste their parents' hard-earned money on $200,000 parties, renting out clubs and being as vain, self-centered, and selfish as humanly possible.
"I saw an ad for children starving in Africa. Then the show My Super Sweet Sixteen came on and I promptly vomited in disgust."
by alabasterribs April 21, 2006
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OMG i was like totally on My Super Sweet Sixteen and like my party only cost like $500,000 and no party is good unless it costs like at least a million.
by weirdgothchick April 10, 2007
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An Insult To Wealthy,Rich,& Upper Class Teenagers Everywhere.

Basically this show Is about Rich Snob Bitches Who Are Either Nobodies , Ugly , Unpopular People , Who Have Rich Parents And Want To Impress Everyone By Having A Party And Inviting Their 'Closest Friends ' AKA The School That's Only there because Of the providence of booze . Or With The 1 in a million chance that they are actually popular. Most Of All of them are major sluts who think that everyone wants to be them and thinks that Everyone Loves And adores them . To Quote Percilla Wannabe Popular Cool Nerdy Brace Face Horrible Dancer With Her Only Friend This Awkward Gay dude Casteroff ' You Wish You Had This! ' Uhh, no honey , we want you , with the rest of your bitchy teens to GO . AWAY . Your INSULTING Wealthy teenagers ! Now , Ever since that horrible show picked up speed , Everyone HATES me. Literally , There Hasn't been a Day When I can't go to school without someone saying 'Are You Really That Bitchy ? ' and ' Hey! Happy Early Birthday! So Whens The Party? I'll bring Booze ! ' At least I have real friends, A great life , and Don't Beg , Bribe and Plead for Mtv , then hire people , desperate for friends to go to my parties . I hate you all . This Show Must BE INSERTED WITH BALLS , HAVE THEM CHOPPED OFF ,THEN BRING BACK JEFFRY DAHUMER AND HAVE IT KILLED , slowly and painfully . {NO I'm not Emo -.- }
One Month After The Show Became A 'Hit. '

Text Conversation .

- Me ; Hey 'Ava' ;D.

- 'Ava' ; Hey Scarlet ;/. Sorry , I don't talk to rich bitches anymore . Cya . -.-


At School ; Calculus Class.

Teacher ; ' Hey Scarlet . I Really Hope This Semester You Won't be really bratty . '

Me ; ' What? '
Teacher ; Oh Don't Give Me That . I know horrible and stuck up you Rich Girls Are.

Me ; Where Did You Hear That?

Teacher ; Mtv's biggest new show , My Super Sweet

Sixteen . And Your Stupid, Too! Detention!

Me ; Really ? Are You Kidding Me?

- - - - - - - - -

As You Can See , This Show , My Super Sweet Sixteen , basically ruined my life. Oh well , At least I'm still rich !Yeah, Not Worth It -.- '
by xScarlett June 10, 2011
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