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a long period of time
This red light is taking my life!
by Ana June 09, 2008
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My life. a better/cleaner version of our favorite fuck my life or fml...
Lorenzo just told me, he hates me... my life!
by BOB1313 July 20, 2009
Basically Tumblr....
Oh,my life is all about Tumblr.I REGRET NOTHING.
by IRegretNothing August 06, 2011
That is the question you will ask everyday but get no answer till your days are done.
Why am I here? Don't ask just live My Life
by Nea151rum February 03, 2010
A somewhat pejorative phrase referring to Myspace, an online community. Referred to as such because a majority of those with Myspace accounts tend to spend hours on end perusing different accounts, making bulletins and blogs, listening to bands, and pretty much spending their existance on the addicting website.
"He hasn't been on aim in a long time. Fucking wasting his life away on MySpace. He really needs a job. Or hobby. Or a harness.
by Blackbird June 28, 2005

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