Used in NJ...meaning as a friend or somethin or instead of sayin yo my nigga u say yo my dude u feel me
ayo my dude waz poppiin i heard yall waz ridin on sum lil niggaz today
by Brayzii B May 07, 2005
Top Definition
Originating in NYC, not in jersey... meaning my friend, homie, my son, and my nig
yo my dude wats good,wat u dealin wit.
my dude u wylin
by cpr July 12, 2006

1. A friend, comrade or associate.

2. A salutory phrase, originating in Omaha, Nebraska.

3. Teeves
Ex 1. Yo my dude what it is?

Ex 2. shout out to my dude Freekey Zekey

Ex 3. Ey yo teeves man
by My dude NPH May 01, 2010
my dude is the Chicago term for boyfriend or close male companion.
I can't go out tonight my dude be trippin'.
by lafemme October 12, 2013
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