Like saying i swear to god, used when your telling some one something, or when there asking you something.
(Your Buddie)i was out last night and almost got jumped,, (You)your word? or (You)my word i almost got jumped last night. or even like this, my word i would never do that, or my word this food is amazing
by ruzie ru April 04, 2008
Top Definition
Seriously, not even joking, etc.
Can also be used as my solid word, or even 'your word'(are you serious?). Can be simplified into just 'word'.

1) My word, that's how it happened.
2) It wasn't me, my solid word.
3) That happened yesterday.
Your word?
My solid word.
3) This coffee is good.
Word. (which means: my word it is)
by dumbass1232 March 05, 2009
Short for upon my word.
"My word, your cycling skills border on terrifying. You most certainly need much more practice riding."

-Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
by Light Joker June 19, 2004
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