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Used for "calling out" either a lie, a fact or simply to add emphasis to a statement. Also used to strategically end a conversation by utterly laying the story teller aghast at what was just yelled. Can be used as a simile, comparison, metephore between a person/place/thing and a persons nuts.

Discovered in Roatan, Bay islands, Honduras. Being introduced to the USA via Cali and Minnesota
#1: You think 50 cent's a gangsta?
#2: My two nutz! = that's a lie!

#1: so there I was...blahblahblah...
#2: MY TWO NUTZ! lets get some drink-a-lation on B!

#1: My two nutz are phat'er then that lambo
by Reed A Vander Schaaf January 21, 2008
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