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A work of art, a place that no man may ever touch....ever....
Hey have you seen my ass? It's beautiful.
by Cow December 21, 2004
Product of an owl and a bungee cord. (See Kung Pow for reference)
What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord... MY ASS!
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
Disbelief, or calling someone a liar.
Kensi: I found a very easy Martha Stewart snickerdoodle recipe online.
(Deeks finds a plastic box for snickerdoodles as Kensie leaves)
Deeks: Martha Stewart my ass!
by Kieduss December 19, 2013
Acronym meaning MAN-YOU-ARE-SO-STUPID.
Jackass: "If you don't give a f**k, then why are you wasting my time yelling about it?"
You: "MYASS"
by Sakzor December 03, 2009
What u get when you mix a owl with a bungie cord.
1. "What do you get when you mix an owl with a bungie cord?
Response: My Ass
by Anonymous May 17, 2003
my + ass. Just say my ass. Tow beautiful words.
Your sleepy myass!
by Jai December 12, 2003
Derogatory insult towards another.
A fun place that girls love to go.
Mike: I'm way better than you at everything.
John: My ass, we are imaginary, so niether of us is the better one.

Girl: Oh, it's like a carnival down here.
by Yep Nope September 12, 2005
A word used to make fun of what someone else said.
Prep: I am so cool.

Me: My ass is cooler than you.
by Peeboy June 26, 2003