Mwa is a term that is generally accepted to mean a broad range of things. Most often said multiple times if it is mentioned, such as "mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa." Usually when there is nothing else to say, mwa is a suitable replacement.
Derek: Dude this quiz is going to be hard.
Sammy: Mwa mwa mwa mwa I know.
Derek: Mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa.
Sammy: (as in reference to being Derek)Mwa mwa mwa I'm getting pit stains!
by Sammy1234 September 02, 2008
Top Definition
mwa is when sum1 is sendin u a kiss
iight il talk to u later mwa
by Annami February 02, 2004
A more expressive version of *kisses* used usually online. sometimes written as mwaaaa (with multiple a's). Mainly used by Arabic people for this purpose.
u look soo cute... love u, mwa
by jak123 March 28, 2008
moist with anticipation
MWA is a term a provider uses when she is eagerly awaiting a seasoned hobbyist or civie boyfriend.
by Diana Lane December 27, 2008
when you don't have an answer. Or if your friends is a geek.
Tygesen: " Sand, what is the answer? "

Sand: " hmm... mwa?"

Jonas: " I'm lvl 80 in WoW "
Alex: " Mwa..."
by Mwamwamwa1 October 29, 2010
muslim with attituied
MWA group of london is the most fearsome gang in islam.
by drive August 22, 2005
massively whorish asshole
LMAO, mwa is leaving the bar with mike tyson's phone number
by February Blue August 09, 2009
man whore association
i just joined the MWA today
by MWAmasta May 01, 2009

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