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He is a boy who goes to oakton high school. He is a track star who likes to were tight cloths to show off his manly parts. He is a boy who believes he is australian by saying "CROCKY" all the time. Hes so Black that he took 2 mints from a bowl that said take one.
dont be a muzzamil sayyid, that is the same as being a track star(feminen way of sayin a track person).
by Nikhil Kamineni March 16, 2005
A weird dude who hits on my girlfriend. his attempts amuse me so much however that i refrain from beatin the shit out of him. keep it up muzzamil, yous a pimp dawg!
muzzamil: yo babe your so fly lets chill
Babe: uhh i have to go mow the lawn sorry!
by yaaah bitch May 08, 2005
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