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1. n Slang for someone who rips people off, takes food without asking, asks for a ride all the time, leaves garbage around the house, etc.

2. v To muz; action of muzzing.

3. n Way of saying Muslim.
1. Dan: "Hey Keenan, you wanna hang out?"
Keenan: "Yea, but you have to gimme a ride."
Dan: "You fuckin' muz."

2. Clint: "Carter, I'm gunna grab a sandwich."
Carter: "Guy! Why are you muzzin' me?"

3. Doug: "Did you see that chick in the costume?"
Andy: "Yea dude, shes a muz."
by DannyK June 02, 2005
Big Boy With Lil Package and member of SWC,,, They enjoy cock sucks and deposits in friends coke bottles
you are a muz
by abe December 03, 2003
A slang name for a muslim.
"The shop is owned by a Muz.
by shaney_86 January 12, 2007
To place one's foot in ones mouth. Say the wrong thing at the wrong time to thw wrong person
"so where are your parents this evening?!

"sob they died yesterday"

"Oops I just did a muz"
by muz July 27, 2005
the coolest white fella wit a big dong
by muz dogg November 06, 2003
the ultimate highest bootifulist sex godess in ashmore park!
muz rules all ova sex god/godess 's and is the seifulist! :P
by jesus April 14, 2005
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