works well when British soldiers are running over no-man's-land with thier bolt-action rifles.
Hans, the tommies are comming, we're gonna need some of that mustard gas.
by IrishRepublcanArmy January 07, 2004
Top Definition
a nasty chemical agent used by the Germans in WWI. Causes the victim's skin, eyes and lungs to burn, blood colects in the lungs causinng the vicitm to drown in it
the charging French were cut down all over no man's land by mustard gas shells
by Capt. capacitor April 20, 2004
Essentially a mix of bleach and ammonia. This is the ghetto version of true mustard gas, but it has the exact same effect.
The Noob dishwasher thought he was being clever by mixing bleach and ammonia to clean the floor, little did he know that he mustard gassed the entire kitchen. The owner is now looking for a new kitchen staff.
by chefrick45419 May 16, 2008
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