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Nickname for a person with a weird mustache.
That old man is a mustachio.
by missanonymous9713 April 23, 2009
This item is usually worn by a person, name of Chris Bennett/ mustafa/ mustachio/ potroast/ midget/ annoying-short-person-who-follows-ben-wotkins-everywhere-all-the-time-at-break lol
It appears below the nose and above the mouth and is annoying lol
bennett is a small fool who goes to forest and is short and annoying
by michael March 02, 2004
a dirty bearded fag who shaves his feet and aint worked in 7 years.
peeples is a real mustachio, that piece of shit aint worked in 7 years, shave the back.
by big dick tyner March 27, 2008