This item is usually worn by a person, name of Chris Bennett/ mustafa/ mustachio/ potroast/ midget/ annoying-short-person-who-follows-ben-wotkins-everywhere-all-the-time-at-break lol
It appears below the nose and above the mouth and is annoying lol
bennett is a small fool who goes to forest and is short and annoying
by michael March 02, 2004
Top Definition
a fugly girl with a mustache that is very visible
Amall the mustachio, shave da fuckin jungle bitch!
by dat bitch u b hatin on! February 04, 2010
A mofo that has a mustach as big as his head.
hairy naaaaaaaz also simon
by mario November 10, 2003
The thin mustache that middle school guys choose not to shave.

(Not related to the tree nut, but similar in overall significance)
Middle School Girl: "Hey Brody, I think your mustachio is cute"

Brody: "Hatcha"
by naturallybaked May 02, 2011
A mustache in which the end curl upward and for an O. This mustache is commonly seen in western
Yo, did you see that dude's mustachio?
by labeario November 24, 2009
A legendary mustache shaver. It has been said she can throw a razor blade and take a mustache clean off at 50 paces. It is also said that she travels the world in search of only the mightiest mustaches and shaves them clean.
Look! Up in the trees. It is mustachio, quick hide your mustache.
by deez nuts42 September 07, 2010
a member of a tribe that lives deep in the rain forest of Mongolia. they glue fake mustaches to their topper lips.
tyler the mustachio is constantly stroking his fake mustache.
For a lady mustachio alex looks pretty good with her glue-on mustache.
by TyMy March 15, 2011
A mustache with bits of pistachios stuck inside.
Fuck, im not kissing you until you get rid of that mustachio!
by cannabliss420 July 15, 2010
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