Hailing from the spanish verb montar, it means to mount ones face, LITERALLY, this move is highly controversial and should only be repeated by professionals.
mustache ride translated into spanish
Dan "Quieres montar my bigote?"
Aurelie "Si senor! Mi gusto mucho"
by Neilskeet July 23, 2008
When a woman sits on the face of a man whilst he orally pleases her.
Mick: Seriously grandma do I have to give you another mustache ride?
Micks's Grandma: Yes.
by Hexum March 01, 2005
A Mustache ride is an experience one has when in attendence at a -The Mustache-(of wisconsin)- concert. This notion is manifested in the perpetual urging of all young ladies to be in a line when they lust for a Mustache ride.
As DJ Jazzy Jebadiah leaned back, microphone in hand, sweat dripping from his hair, he motioned the finest lady of the audience to shake her bodatious body. When the band's song was over and that nasty babe had danced her heart out, it was clear without doubt she had just endured a wild Mustache ride.

Dan says, "It wasn't the first time The Mustache ever called for the donkey dicks to get up and dance, but dang man, this time their music gave me a wicked nasty Mustache ride!"
by Chuck Narwhale October 13, 2009
1. Going down on a girl while you have a mustache

2. when an unshaven girl rides your face
1. Screw 6 flags i wanna go on a mustache ride!

2. Trisha better shave, last night she made me give her a mustache ride it was like i flossed my teeth with pubic hairs
by Brohandus Ganja May 04, 2010
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