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a muslim women. contrary to popular belief, muslim women were the first to earn rights of their own. back in the day, when even in the west women were treated like shit, islam allowed a woman to get divorce, own property and get many other rights previously denied to other women. even though people see muslim women as a sign of oppression because they have to wear the hijab, they were actually the first to get treated like human (go research that if you have to :)) muslim women are allowed to get a divorce if their husbands treat them like shit even though in some cultures its frowned upon. most of the 'religious' women oppression actually has nothing to do with the religion at all and is more cultural than anything. islamic women actually have a lot of rights and more info can be viewed here:
i am a proud muslimah ^.^
by munkehh April 28, 2010

A Muslim Woman. A good Muslim women is pious, loving, respectful, and modest, among other things. Most muslimahs dress fashionably yet modest, with hijabs (headscarf) and looser fitting clothing. Muslimahs were the first of the 3 Abrahamic religions (Chrisitanity, Islam, Judaisim) to gain rights. Muslim women who are pious have an inmistakeable inner beauty and often bring joy to all those whose lives they touch.

Muslimahs have an unspoken bond with their sisters in Islam
by IbnalHalal October 08, 2011
*A Muslim man's slave.
*Women who turn a blind eye to present times and foolishly believe they are living in 632 A.D Saudi Arabia.
*A very durable baby-making machine.
*A shameless follower of Islam which treats women in such a demeaning way that it promises 72 hymen-intact pussies to its male followers if they die for religion and asks to cover themselves up to prevent men from raping them. (Do you get long-fat cocks if YOU die for Islam?)
Islam says : Burka is not meant to oppress a woman but it is meant to protect and distinguish her.

Normal person : Protection from sun rays? Distinguish!! < lol

Islam says ; A muslimah never looks like a whore or a prostitute, because she is covering what ought to be private.

Normal person : So a burka is only to distinguish prostitutes from non-prostitutes
by Hymen-Intact September 20, 2009
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