A follower of Islam; someone who surrenders their life to worship the one and only god, Allah, the same god Christians worship; someone who is not a terrorist
Muslims pray at Masjids.
by Croaks March 07, 2012
A person/group of people suffering from the ignorance of the world. The terrorists that claim to follow the religion of Islam are known as extremists for a reason - they take every word to the worst extreme. And it must also be pointed out that not all terrorists are muslims. Terrorism is defined as the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear. Can this not be applied to religious persecution, to the holocaust, to practically any historic tragedy that was born from harmful religious/political/theoretic ideals?

A muslim is a human being following a religion that they feel will guide them to an enlightened life, just like a Catholic or a Bhuddist or a Hindu to their respective beliefs. A muslim is a person that is not automatically connected to modern day terrorist attacks, and should not be treated as such.
A muslim is a person, not a generalized stereotype based off of cowardly fear and ignorance.
by whatiswrongwithsociety September 26, 2011
a.People who follow the teachings of Islam.

b. People attacked by almost every ethnic group because of what a handful of radicals are doing. And the misunderstanding that they (the Muslims) are terrorists, when they are just trying to peacefully practice there religion.

c. Right-wing repellent

I am a christian, and even I know categorizing a people by radicals behavior is wrong. Live above the hate and accept all people's religion, and maybe radicals won't try to kill us.
Bob "He's a muslim, run!"
Jim "Dumbass, we have known him for nine years, he advocates peace!"
by the door 82 December 14, 2010
A religion very similar to Christianity. Regardless, conservative Christians in the U.S. discriminate against Muslims and preach the delusion that they are all terrorists, because U.S. propaganda nationalist news teaches them this. The U.S. government aids Israel in slaughtering the Palestinians, so other Arab and Muslim countries near Israel think the U.S. is composed of barbarians. Then the U.S. invades middle eastern countries near Israel, and it makes the U.S. look even worse, so the Muslims near the region hate on the U.S. even more. Meanwhile, nationalist news in the U.S. discriminates against Muslims, so that invasions by the U.S. seem justified.

Muslims are not stone age terrorists though. A majority of Malaysia is Muslim, and Malaysia is a modern civilized society that has an unemployment rate of about 3%. The United States unemployment rate is about triple that.

Most of the United Arab Emirates is Muslim, and they have one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Dubai. The world's largest sky scraper is in Dubai.
Fox News: "Muslims are terrorists, they want to kill Americans because they are jealous of our Capitalist greed, our V8 engines, our pop music, and our obsession with materialism and vanity."


(U.S. drops bombs on Pakistan killing countless civilians, with the excuse of fighting terrorism)
Pakistan Citizen: "I wish the white devil would go home and stop invading our country and killing our people. Now my mother in law will never leave, because they bombed her house. DAMN YOU AMERICA!"
by FuzzFoot April 03, 2012
1. A follower of Islam, an Abrahamic religion
2. What many people ignorantly use to label anyone of Middle-Eastern descent.
1. The Muslim prayed outside.
Person: "Hey, this guy arrived from Iran the other day"
Ignorant person: "Oh, he's a Muslim!"
Person: "No, he's a devout Christian"
Ignorant person: "Oh...So he's a Christian Muslim!"
Person: *Facepalm*
by sega31098 September 17, 2013
a religion that non of the above defined it correctly, it is a religion that calls for peace , rejects all kind of racism , sectarianism and fanaticism , the only religion that have been attacked by media everyday , Muslims don't rape kill nor bury anyone alive no matter what he/she did this is actions associated to some cults that don't belong to Islam they also don't cut off heads but they believe in death penalty , Terrorism has nothing to do with islam infact anyone who commits a suicidal action and bombed himslef and kill others weather they were Muslims or infidels shall go to hell "in islam" and the extremist parties distorte the real islam by their prutal and disgusting actions .

James : who are Muslims?
John: people who want to Live peacefully, eat and pray five times a day
John : who are muslims ?
Mike: people who want to live peacefully, and pray five times a day.
by Imeemz July 23, 2015
The second largest religion in the world. This religion oftentimes is the scapegoat for terrorism, but in reality is a peaceful religion, although these days some people claim to be Muslims to justify their own actions. For example, Osama bin Laden.
"I'm a Muslim, so I pray 5 times a day."
"I don't eat pork, I'm a Muslim."
by Yungretweet March 05, 2015

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