a follower of Islam, which means peace. not terrorists, suicide bombers or killers. those people THINK they are muslims but they are nothing but murderers and are going on the wrong path.
teacher: what do you think about 9/11?
me: i believe the people who caused 9/11 were indeed, not muslims, but extremists.

teacher: so you think they are not muslims?
me: yes, muslims are a peaceful people, and it is forbidden to kill a people.
by just_hear_for_the_truth August 19, 2011
Someone who follows the religion of Islam and is often misrepresented negatively by the media. 99.99999999 % are peaceful people that want to get on with other people and their own lives.
That dude who follows the Islamic faith is a muslim
by mojo_jojo2k11 January 07, 2012
A person of the Islamic faith that worship Allah.
For those who think that all muslims are terrorists:
Coran did never mention that muslims should kill all non-muslims. It said: attack them if they attack you(like in a war). Terrorists are not muslim, or we can say that they're muslims that don't get the religion, wich means, dumb people. God did never tell muslims to kill any innocent (muslim, christian....etc)Conserning the way of wearing: people used to wear those clothes in the past. but now, the world has changed so women don't have to be like ninjas because, we can't know if it's a man or a woman.islam said that women should wear something that can't attract men sexually.now women are wearing a veil and respectable clothes. at least, for the non-muslims, we can know that this is a woman.she can wear whatever she wants, even if it's a lamp on her head or anything. it's her taste and it's her choice. why not criticizing hippies with their long hair and their beard?totally forgot that they're not muslims.I won't say that all the muslims are good. there are muslims that smell like shit and eat like pigs, racists and don't want to talk with "those who don't like allah"(i agree with you), but there are also peaceful muslims that are polite and talk with non-muslims considering them as humans with feelings and brain, and also as their brothers in the humanity.
I'm muslim and i'm proud of it!
by safaa1995 June 30, 2011
1 of every 3 persons in the world! Victim and a little tired of stereotypes and one badass motherfucker who knows how to party!
She says: OMG! he is so cute and so good in bed. He blows up my world!: Must be a muslim.
by fierbutterspark April 22, 2013
A person who believes in the oneness of God, and Muhammad being his last prophet. Muslims believe in the Quran, a book they believe was revealed by God upon the prophet Muhammad. Islam requires muslims to believe in all previous prophets (like Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jesus) and books (like Torah, Zabur, Bible). Literally the word means 'someone who acquires peace by submitting to the will of God'.
He has to pray 5 times a day, he is a Muslim.
by Omore March 08, 2012
A follower of Islam; someone who surrenders their life to worship the one and only god, Allah, the same god Christians worship; someone who is not a terrorist
Muslims pray at Masjids.
by Croaks March 07, 2012
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