Typically used to describe the seemingly inhuman extent of someone's idiocy which is unable to be described by any other words in the English language.
Person 1: 1 + 1 = couch.

Person 2: Person 1, your idiocy knows no bounds. Where your intellect should be, there is nothing but an empty black void. You, sir, are a Muslim.

Person 1: Completely uncalled for...
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by SwirlyBall May 10, 2010
This is the real definition.
Muslim is a person who has Islam as his/her religion. Muslim are different around the world. it depends on their country where they're from. Muslim Women sometimes have their head covered by scarf, sometimes they don't, it depends on their choice. Muslim man is the leader of the family. Muslim woman must be respected and protected. Most muslim love peace. Some muslim misinterpreted Al-Qur'an (Islam's Bible) so that they act childish with anger and all that suff that cause the world misinterpreted Muslim. Muslims don't care what's your religion. Because it said in the Al-Qur'an that "Your religion is yours, my religion is mine". Muslim love their religion.
A : So, You guys are Islam, huh?
B : No, We're Muslims.
#islam #muslim #religion #choice #real definition
by diamisshut November 02, 2012
A person of the Islamic faith that worship Allah. They are now being negatively stereotyped by the average American.
Americans are now believing that all people from the middle east are muslim, and that all muslims are terrorists that want to destroy America. Let them build the mosque near Ground Zero. It's complete bullshit to discriminate against a whole religion for what a minority of them( the extremists) do or have done
1. Racist American: look at the Middle-Eastern guy, he's probably Muslim, and he's probably going to blow himself up soon.
Me(while shaking head):You really need to stop believing everything people tell you.
#muslims #racists #america #bullshit #discrimintation
by HatersGon'Hate February 05, 2011
Contrary to what others say Muslims are not evil. Some Muslims do not do the right thing, but true Muslims, as with any other religious person, does not do anything bad. Unfortunately, many extremists are Muslims and therefore give many Muslims a bad name.

I'm Buddhist and have met many Muslims and most are good people. So, don't bash on their religion because of a few bad people, most are good.
Muslim - "hey. I'm a Muslim"
Guy - "really? You seem so nice and normal..."
#islam #allah #middle east #arab #good #people #nice #terrorist
by SuperKNaanMan July 03, 2011
Muslims are not war raging fanatics. They are simply a group of people who choose to follow the religion of Islam. Though many people have named all muslims terrorists, all muslims are NOT terrorists. In fact, there are terrorists in every religion.

The main reason for this accustaion however, started on 9/11. Osama bin Laden crashed into the Twin Towers blaming his horrific actions on Islam. But if you really think about it, his father AND half-brother both died in a plane crash. And it's not like he had a good reason to cause such commotion and chaos. The only thing he could probably think of was to say that his religion was telling him to do so, and sadly, people believed that it was the religion.

After 9/11, Muslims everywhere have been discriminated and treated unfairly. Other Muslims, though, have been following the actions of Osama bin Laden for no good reason.

Islam is a religion of peace. Muslims do believe that non-believers will be punished, but every religion believes in some sort of punishment. However, Muslims believe that no one has a right to punish the non-believers.
If people can discriminate Muslims, why not discriminate Christians and call them alcohol loving freaks? Alcohol makes you do incredibly horrible things when you over drink. But for that one thing, should we throw every Christian in jail? NO!

Islam is the second largest religion in the world based on population. It is also the fastest growing religion in the world! Think about it! If Islam is such a horrible religion, all based on war and bloodshed, WHY is it the second largest religion? WHY is it the fastest growing religion?
#islam #muhammad #saudi arabia #peace #allah
by whichzi March 15, 2011
Member of a beautiful religion full of forgiveness, respect, and love. Individuals who display acts of violence, aggression, and terrorism have got it all wrong, and are therefore not fit to be called Muslims.

So please, for everybody out there who immediately links Islam to terrorism and violence, please stop doing so. Muslims all over the globe are just as ashamed and disgusted from these sick, sick people. They have misinterpreted the religion completely.
Muslims are followers of a beautiful religion. They are not the terrorists seen regularly on TV
#muslim #beautiful #forgiving #respectful #loving
by Olly11 June 18, 2011
a follower of Islam, which means peace. not terrorists, suicide bombers or killers. those people THINK they are muslims but they are nothing but murderers and are going on the wrong path.
teacher: what do you think about 9/11?
me: i believe the people who caused 9/11 were indeed, not muslims, but extremists.

teacher: so you think they are not muslims?
me: yes, muslims are a peaceful people, and it is forbidden to kill a people.
#muslim #peace #allah #9/11 #followers
by just_hear_for_the_truth August 19, 2011
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