a muslim is someone who tries to live a moderate life.excessive liberalism or extremism is not justified.the only way extremists can find justification for their actions is by twisting the words of the holy quran to suit their ends. the quran has hundreds of interpretations, many of which are insulting and biased. I belive urbandictionary.com's quotes from the quran are predominantly deal with chapters on war and crime. even then their translation, which does not state any one translation version, is extremely unfair, becuase it epicts muslims as savage backwards beasts. I would appreciate it if this website could find more moderat and mainstream translations from the native arabic. backwater people like "decisive action" are the real perpetrators. Read his weak argument based completly on uneducated sterotypes. This man is most lickley a uneducated white supremist from a trailer park. I do not appreciate your crude comment, words like these only serve to inflame hatred and ignorance. If people would actually go out and meet a true muslim, they would find that we are nt moochers or terrorits, just as jews arent selfish conspirists.
continuation of diolouge by decisive action

i fyou are giong to group all white poepel together and all muslim people together, then you would owe the Thousands of african american's reperations for the evil of salvery, of the native americans the land you so savagly took from them, you would owe the jews back thier sacred temple, and you would owe Iraq all of its stolen oil.
ignorant person (decisive action):
im sorry i said those hurtfull words and motivated you to write this impassionate response, but that does not mean that we too can not change.
by Hasan Khan September 30, 2005
A follower of the religion of Islam--NOTHING MORE! Does NOT mean terrorist, sand nigger, towel head, rag top, dune coon, camel jockey, sand monkey, etc.

To all you fucking faggots that say otherwise, fuck you! You don't know shit and are comparable to the ACTUAL terrorists that do all that shit you hate. Well, what about you? You fucking encourage the same shit to be done, you fucking shitheads! Instead of letting you sit here sit here enjoying your barbeques, wearing your miniature American flags while at the same time avoiding jury duting and voting, we should make you go help in Iraq and be some bullet/bomb bait for good soldiers who don't hate all Muslims and deserve to live and come home. Fucking scum.

And as for Tyler from Texas or whatever the fuck your name is, you're especially bad, you shit-eating cocksucker! I normally do feel bad for victims of 9/11, but you're an exception. I'm going to assume that your parents raised you to generalize and hate and wish harm on innocents like you do, so fuck you and your dead family and friends. I mean, how great can a person be if they hang out with a piece of shit like you? Fucking faggot. Lord knows you're not doing a damn thing sitting here stereotyping. Had many ties to Islam and Judaism? MY ASS. You're just fucking making that shit up to look like a victim, when really you should have been in those towers in place of the guy who didn't stereotype and sling racist slurs.

And look at that bullshit about how Christians didn't denouce their religion when fed to the lions and Christianity is the one true religion. What a load of bullshit! Since when are Muslims denouncing their religion in the face of death? If anything, they're doing the exact OPPOSITE, cockface! And your religion being the one true religion, isn't that THE SAME SHIT you say the terrorists do? Fuck you, man. You're comparable to Hitler. You're probably some fucking redneck trailer trash who has a lifetime membership with the KKK and Neo-Nazis. Go to hell, bitch.
Muhammad Ali is a Muslim.

Muhammad Ali says Tyler and the rest of the goose-stepping Hitler worshippers suck.
by Correct June 30, 2005
A person that follows the religion Islam and follow the quaran (which does say to bomb people). People who choose to bomb aren`t even muslims because all Islam teaches it to LOVE others and live in the world as family.
A muslim believes in Islam.
A terrorist is a non-muslim who chooses to kill others for their own personal enjoyment.
by ya diggg.. September 21, 2005
Some of the most civilized and richect people in America. I shall soon become one, once i reach the age of 18. Those people are frickin smart and all the Muslims i kno are effin millionaires. Man if we do kick Muslims out of this country there goes all of our highest tax payers, the eceonomy will decrease sharply.
All the Muslims i kno are doctors(ALOT of em), lawyers, and engineers. Im happy i kno muslims because i get to go to their house and i got to try caviore, and a bunch of rich people food. They always give me the most expensive birthday presents and i get to go with my muslims friends on expensive trips for free. God bless Muslims.
by Mikeeee April 28, 2005
Muslims are people who follow the religion of Islam and worship Allah. They believe Prophet Muhammad as the prophet of Allah and yadi yadi yada. But sadly, Muslims are one of the most stereotyped people ever. They are stereotyped as inhuman barbarians only seeking out to kill, rape, blast and whatever worst things that the media or whatever has to offer. I for a fact know that Muslims back in the 7th-12th century did conquer and bring a lot of place under their control from Spain to India. But tell me any empires that was born through peace and love? None. That doesn't make Islamic empires an exception. Yet even if they conquered a lot of territories, they enhanced knowledge, architecture, philosophies and many other stuffs. But nobody likes to think about that and only think that they conquered and did nothing besides kill and rape. Looking in modern times, media has heavily shoved down to our throats that Muslims = Ruffians, Thugs, Rapist etc. But in reality they are kind hearted. Fuck the media and the internet. I live in a Muslim country(Oman). Surrounding me are Muslims, yet there are no explosions and gunfire as people think. The media idolizes the extreme or radical Muslims who are not true Muslims or are just wannabes who do all the killing and stuff. And most of all, urban dic(k)tionary is no place for knowing the truth about Muslims or Islam. And if you're and anti-Muslim who is going to dislike this definition and think it is wrong, getta a life you fucking biatch.
Ignorant biatch : Hey imagine a world without Muslims, wouldn't it be amazing?
Anti-islamphobe : Yeah I agree. There would be no America, no enlightenment of Europe from the Dark ages, no internet, therefore no urban dictionary and most of all you wouldn't be living like this if you are born in this century in a parallel universe same as ours where Islam never exists. Biatch, stop being ignorant and read history and stop stereotyping all 1.5 billion for a few radicals!!!!
by sonofahuman November 09, 2014

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