A person who believes Allah, prays his/her own private ways and the most important; feels very ashamed of how come some idiots bomb some places, kills innocent people and says they're Muslims. It's totally wrong.

A Muslim can't kill, a Muslim can't say any bad words to hurt people, a Muslim can't make love if he/she's not married, a Muslim has to do at least one nice thing everyday just for favor, a Muslim has to help other people, a Muslim has to be a good person if he/she wants to be a good slave of Allah. These are the most important rules for them.
"Killing is the biggest sin for a Muslim."
by ozlem April 27, 2007
Despite what we Americans negatively think of muslims and how the majority of the world's terrorists are muslim, they are soulful, disciplined, and actually a prime example of a strong, disciplined human being.
My friend Ali lives a disciplined and an honest life as a proud muslim.
by Dr. Dino February 02, 2007
Someone who follows the PEACE-EMBRACING religion, Islam. Muslims believe in one god, Allah, and yes if you are a christian or jew you believe in him too. Also, muslims ARE NOT TERRORISTS. There are nearly 2 billion muslims in the world and if every one of them was a terrorist you would probably be dead. Obviously, there are crackheads like bin laden, but many other religions have extreme groups like the KKK and so on, as well. And, women ARE treated fairly, it is certain GOVERNMENTS not religion that cause issues.
I am a muslim woman who is not forced to wear a head scarf.

Muslims believe in peace, and they respect other people and their ways of life.

Many muslims are already pat of American society, including me.

Muslims believe in many prophets, such as Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad peace be upon them.
by american muslim July 02, 2009
a muslim is a person who believe that there is only one god and muhammed is his last messenger.
islam does not promote violence and doent supress women it liberates women from being treated like commodities by ordering them to dress modestly. muslims beleive that jesus is a prophet of god just like muhammed is.islam deosnt force anyone to embrace it but gives the freedom of choice to whoever wants to beleive in it.for all non- muslims ot there, try to read more about islam before judging.
by wmr December 13, 2005
quotes from the quran
1. Islam was sent as mercy to humanity (Quran 4:79).

2. Do not make mischief on the earth (Quran 29:36).

3. People, We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes that you might know one another. The noblest of you before God is the most righteous of you. (49:13)

4. There are among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) upstanding nations that recite the message of God and worship throughout the night, who believe in God, who order honor and forbid dishonor and race in good works. These are the righteous. (3:113-114).

take that assholes
muslims aren't terrorists
calling muslims terrorists is like me calling all christians terrorists because of the KKK
muslims aren't terrorists assholes
by Tumarr September 11, 2006
A person who does not lie, cheat, or deceive. whose intentions are pure and unspiteful, who is tolerant of all other races, creeds and religions.
a believer in God and the day of judgement, who by no means forces his religion on others, nor is he self-righteous or hypocritical.

a muslim is a person who learns to master his demons, and becomes an honest, upright person who brings nothing but happiness to those around him. one who submits himself to goodness and kindness, and one who can look in the mirror and see someeone worth looking at.

how many such 'muslims' do we know today?
The Prophet Muhammad said: The best among you is he who wants for his brother, what he wants for himself.
and again: a muslim is one from whose hands and tounge other people are safe.
by unending May 02, 2009
a follower to the religion of Islam, as Jews are to Judaism.

followers of a peaceful religion that unfortunately, due to a group of extremists, have been labelled as terrorists by ignorant people all over the world.

Muslims are from all over the globe with diverse ethnicity ranging from north americans (americans, canada) through to europeans (english, spanish, russian), asian (chinese, vietnamese, japanese), and australian and new zealanders.

due to the action of Muslim by name, ie Al-Qaeda (which a great number of Muslims would not call a muslim), Muslims has been stereotyped as terrorists.
and unfortunately, ignorant people has accepted the stereotypical view that Muslims are hostage taking, plane hijacking, suicide bombing arabs. whilst before the most recent histories such actions has been done over by other races and believers, for materialistic purpose (money).

and not to mention that terrorism done under the name of religion has been done over before by the crusaders. crusaders are a group of Christians who committed genocide on Muslims in spain under the name of Christianity, yet, no one really cared about it, or going on about how "evil" Christians are.

everything that these so-called muslims done in recent history has been done over by other races and other religion.

whilst some might be rational enough to explore more about Islam and Muslims under hate, what they shouldve done is explore under the need for knowledge. if these few numbers actually cared for understanding they would have understood that just as other religion's sacred writings, they are not to be taken literally. in previous definitions, war could mean the action of equalizing the spreading of the words of the Qur'an, to convert the followers of other faiths peacefully.
knowing the words is one thing, understanding them is another.

some of you might think of course religions try to convert people peacefully. this isn't true. there has been numerous attempts of conversion done by Christians (not trying to offend, but they are the most talked about), using force, kidnapping and force raping until the victim is no longer able to say no. (again, not to offend anyone, but to put forth examples that other faiths also has groups of blacksheeps)

if we were to talk of how a small part of a group examplifies what the group is like, american government would examplify how uncivilized and arrogant the american are. over recent history the american government has either been involved in wars that they have no reason to be in, using the fallacy of being a peacemaker, or terrorizing in other countries. vietnam, japan, iraq to name a few. when they weren't as involved in other conflicts, bosnia, ireland.

to stereotype Muslims is as idiotic as to stereotype america as a country of backwards.
also note that the media is also doing wrong by putting forth of acts of terrorism done only by muslims. an example would be how israel is robbing palestine of its land yet only a handful of media network would tell us so.

if the bombing were to occur in malaysia, taking down the twin towers, only a minority of americans would have cared so much, and it is doubtful that the media would have "hyped" the incident as much.
by educatedandcaresabouttopic March 17, 2005

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