A person who follows the religion of Islam. Muslims are monotheistic and believe that Muhammad is the final prophet sent to earth. Muslims do believe in the prophets Jesus and Moses, as well as many other prophets. The holy book of Muslims is the Qur'an (or Koran) and like Christians go to church, Muslims go to a mosque. Islam teaches Muslims to be tolerant of other religions and to treat all humans with respect. BEING A MUSLIM DOES NOT MAKE A PERSON A TERRORIST AND NOT ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS. Muslims do NOT degrade women; in fact, women are highly respected in Islam. For more information about the religion Muslims follow, read the Qur'an.
A Muslim practices the religion of Islam.
by DefinitionofIslam October 11, 2010
A muslim is my daughter, my lawyer, my roommate, my favourite prof, my bus driver, my best friend. They laugh and cry, they write and play, they apologise and say thank you, they fall and grow and pray and do almost everything just like us. Sometimes they have good days and sometimes they have bad days, some love us and some hate us. They speak every language, and every dialect. They are mixed with every race and may be part of your genome. They are fat and make fun of thin people or are thin and make fun of fat people, or tall or short or masculine or feminine. They have pets, but believe dogs should be outside. They eat samoosas and duck a l'orange. They are humans and souls just like us and the only difference is they believe in something that may be strange to us, but heck we are strange to others too, so blessed are the strangers!
Doug Stanley: I dont believe in anything.

Muhammad Abdul Ali: A Muslim is one who accepts God as the truth, a truth delivered by His Prophets.

Paul Bishop: I believe in Jesus as my Savior.

Muhammad Abdul Ali: Jesus peace be upon him. Mind passing the potatoes?

Paul Bishop: Sorry, I meant Jesus as God the son of God, not a prophet. We differ on that.

Muhammad Abdul Ali: We sure do! But this steak is delicious! You should try some!

Doug Stanley: Agreed. Deliciousness.
by monkeydrops October 26, 2010
A Muslim is a believer in or follower of Islam- Nothing more, nothing less.

The Muslim terrorists that you hear of are confused about their religion, just like many Christians are. I am an American currently living in the Middle East, and Muslims are about the nicest people anywhere.

They're religion is probably more strict than Christians, for any violence of ANY kind is extremely sinful.

Muslims do NOT live in a "stone age" like some people say. People live in regular houses, and drive cars like everyone else.

Muslim: "No, it all it means that I believe in Allah. Christians have been known to do suicide bombings in the US as well."
by Scootcha August 24, 2010
ok, can we put a real definition here? A muslim is someone who follows mohammed and islam. simple as that. not all muslims are terrorists, but i agree that most terrorists are muslim. calling all muslims terrorists is like saying all christians are ignorant jesus freaks that believe the earth is the center of the universe and science is evil and blah blah blah.
I'm muslim and i agree most terrorists are muslim but that doesnt mean all muslims are terrorists. Thats only the pissed off ones in the middle east that kill themselves.
by O.Z. tha O.G. September 22, 2010
They are actually good people...We are a peaceful and loving religion, but because of some douchebags out there, our reputation is living in the crapper. Just saying, those people (terrorists) are not classified as muslims to us...why dont you sit down and read the Quran? Is there anything saying that you are suppossed to do terrorism? No. it says any act of murder, crime, or terrorism is against the religion. And lemme get this straight, Allah means god in arabic guys! its not some other wierd idol we beleive in its god! just like christians, jews, etc. etc. why be prejudous? now the people who are gonna dislike this are just sum big mouthed people that wont even look into considering that we arent bad people...they just say we are trash and we should all die? how do you think that makes us feel? I live in america and when i tell someone im muslim, they back away...and call me a terrorist..im used to it and so are all the other muslims..but we really shudnt be used to it..it is not right guys..People that look down on us, are people that dont wanna get off their lazy asses and learn more about us...u wanna think whos trash? Micheal Jackson is a pure muslim...is he a terrorist? is he trash? T-Pain is a muslim too...and so much more people that we look up to...just agree we arent really that bad..we just seem that way until people open their eyes and face reality..
Guy 1: OMFG! your a muslim? stay away!
Guy 2: Give me a chance man..dont be like the others...were all brothers in the end...Muslims or not..
by B-dogrox.crazy October 15, 2011
I will not repeat the obvious but give a personal experience of muslims and their religion. I have a friend from Malasya, she is muslim, and the sweetest girl I ever met. She wears her veil on her head and is proud of the purity she stands for. she discussed with me world peace and she is nothing but a loving caring person. she works her rear off to send money back to her family and studies hard to do so. she has no selfish bone in her body and still knows how to have fun. she doesn't eat meat and we always prepared meat free foods for her as well as other americans in the group who didnt eat meat. she is open minded, kind, shares everything, and tries so hard to adapt to being with foreigners as well as keeping up her religious routine.
My friend is a muslim and I wish there were more people like her.
by m0u5y January 02, 2006
A follower of Islam.
That's basically it.
No more, no less.
The Muslim went to the mosque to pray.
by SkepticSociety June 22, 2010

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