People who Pray 5 times a day ,respect other religions and welcome ethnic diversity .Treat people with respect even if people don't show respect.

Submission to Allah(God), Forgive Mankind, Live with Peace ,Humbleness, and Harmony
Look up the Bio of these true examples of muslims.

Prophet Muhammed PBU
Abu baker Al sedeq RA
Umar Ibn Al Khatab RA
Othman ibn Afan RA
Ali Ibn Abi Taleb RA
Bilal ibn rbah RA
Hassan and Hussien RA
by just a human creature November 05, 2013
A muslim is a devotee of God. Not a terrorist or cause any harm. Terrorists known as muslims are preferably non-muslim fakes or people who just want to ruin the name of the religion. It was predicted in the holy Koran( the book of the Islamic religion) that in the future, when the worlds's end is nearing, a demon called Dajjal with rise to the face of earth. Before his arrival, tiny round shaped people will appear and try to kill all humans. Jesus(Esa PBUH) will appear and help all muslims defeat the evil. After wards, all humans will become muslim and the age of intelligence will begin. Try this, if these predictions are true, you will also believe that muslims are pure of heart and do not intend on harming anyone. Muslims follow the book provided by god, Allah. Christianity evolved from Islam, when Jesus was thought to be killed on the cross. We suggest you try to read and understand the Koran first before you accuse all muslims as wrong do-ers.
by Bananaeatingmuslim:3 May 02, 2013
All of you have it totally wrong. Please realize that only a small minority of the muslim population on this planet are radical muslims while the vast majority of them are moderate. Most Muslims don't hate Christians or Jews and are not terrorists. And if you think for one second that all Muslims are terrorists or that they all hate Jews and Christians you're an ignorant nazi fat fascist shit for brains. I'd like you all to know that there are radical fundamentalist Muslims who opress women and swear to wipe America and Israel off the face of the Earth. But at the same time, there are also radical fundamentalist Christians and Jews. Chassidic Jews are quite radical. They are very hypocritical in the sense that they think that they are superior to everyone else just because they are Jewish which is basically what the Nazis did. the Nazis believed that they were biologically superior to everyone else and that is exactly what some Jewish people think, especially Chassidic Jews. So basically they would be Neo-Nazis accept for the fact that they are Jewish. Keep in mind also that almost all of the Muslims who live in America today came here to escape political corruption and the radical views of some muslims. Not so they can force their beliefs onto everyone or destroy America. So think twice before you descriminate against Muslim Americans. And no, I myself am not Muslim. I am actually Orthodox Jewish.
I am muslim and live in Iran. I don't feel comfortable with our political leaders. They are very corrupt, and they force radical muslims beliefs onto everyone and encourage the minimization of women and give hate speach about Christians and Jews. This place is infested with hate and terrorism, so I choose to move to America. The political situation here is much more stable, it is much safer, women are not degraded and raped, homosexuals are not killed by hate groups, I am free to worship as I please and I appreciate the fact that here in America, radical Islam is not encouraged and I am allowed to be a moderate Muslim.
by 8===D----(l) April 19, 2011
A suicidal, smelly, 50 wives having, billionaire, long ass beard, america hating, western hemisphere hating person that inhabits the middle east or in some parts of the world
Hey dude, i saw this guy on tv with like 50 hoes around him, chanting F*** America, threatening to bomb the sears tower right from his mansion, ha stupid-ass muslim
by DirtySouthTexas November 21, 2011
A religion of peace that is gravely misunderstood by non-muslims and muslims (extremists) alike.
Muslim: It is okay to blow up people if they are infidels.

Non-muslim: The muslims all want tp kill us.
by Complex Guy December 27, 2010
Member of a smug group of people who smell very similar to their own feces. These muslims, also known as colossal walking turds, do not use toilet paper, instead wiping their ass with their bare hand while claiming this is much cleaner than toilet paper. Muslims are often found blowing up buildings in America and speaking highly of their home in the Middle East, even though they would have stayed there if it were so great to begin with. Muslims are nothing more than the crap that comes out your ass, or the crap that comes out of Glenn Beck's mouth. They are worthless.
That muslim sure does smell like crap.
by theman222222 February 12, 2011
Something ignorant racist teabaggers call Obama because it's politically incorrect to call him the N-word these days
I can't believe our president is a nigg...Negr...darki...coo...Muslim!
by rtv0587 January 29, 2011

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