Muslims are people who believe that there is only one god and Prophet Muhammed is his messenger. they call this one god - ALLAH. they follow the religion islam.
Example of "Muslim" -Indonesia is full of Muslims.
by am a believer of islam . December 10, 2013
a peaceful person who believes in islam, the religion of peace, media has you thinking other wise, and the little minds compare a little percent of terrorist to the other 2.2 BILLION muslims, less then 0.000000000000000000000000000001 are terrorist, the other 99.99999999999 are awesome!!
muslims are awsome!!
by thatgirllllllllll October 12, 2013
Prevalent post 9/11 mindset towards an individual.A Persons beliefs/customs are often related with violent extremist acts just like christian terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh or the northem Ireland groups in previous years.
-Misconception:ALL terrorists are muslims, Timothy McVeigh was Christian,white american nextdoor boy,former US soldier.he is often call criminal instead of terrorist. Had he had less pale skin or foreing parents he would be called muslim terrorist.

Previous paranoias of the americana :comunism, totalitarism, fashism, sexysm.Post 9/11 terrorism, extremism.

"Hey Rijhad whats up? Havent seen u in a while, planing a muslim move on freedom tower?"

Rijhad: "Nah, cant board a plane no more, my hemorrhoids prevent TSA from performing any enhanced inspection techniques!"
by RomacIn December 06, 2012
Someone who follows the religion of Islam. Due to the actions of Islamic extremists in the past few years they are often stereotyped as terrorists. Most Muslims are peaceful people. Many forms of Islam are strict which is why Muslims dress in certain ways and do not eat things. They believe that their holy book the Qumran is the absolute teachings of God, who they call Allah. They believe that this message was received by the prophet Muhammad. Much like the bible, the Qumran encourages strict punishments to sinners and those who do not worship in the way they consider to be correct. Most Muslims do not act on these beliefs. A very small minority believe in the process of Jihad, which involves forcefully converting non-Muslims to Islam. Groups such as Al-Qaeda believe in this and have come to be seen as the stereotypical terrorists. A popular phrase is that most or all terrorists are Muslim, which is quite untrue. Many terrorists are Christians and other religions. Muslims believe in the rule of God over the rule of man, so many Islamic countries are led by royal families or religious leaders, and dictators. Another belief of Muslims is that the prophet Muhammad should never be depicted. Incidents in which this has happened have resulted in an uproar in the Muslim community, just as anti-Christian acts have caused protests in religiously conservative areas.
People who believe that Muslims are all terrorists have probably never met a Muslim.
Racist Idiot: All Muslims are terrorists. They should be arrested.

Other Guy: Have you ever met a Muslim?

Racist Idiot: No.

Other Guy: Exactly.
by jvovnbambavkfpb neibnae September 06, 2012
a beatiful religion most people dont understand islam or anything about it yet make up stuff everyone in this generation is brainwashed. whats wrong with wearing a hijab? we just dont want anything wrong happening too us. muslims have the same rights like everyone else on this planet.FYI in the bible it says christians are also supposed to wear hijabs or shave off their hair. Yes there are people who mislead or religion but theres people who mislead every religion.
by dgddhfdsmcfkhn July 19, 2014
A Muslim is a person who believes in the religion of Islam. Islam is a religion which is similar to Christianity in many ways and anyone who is willing to be a muslim can only be a muslim without being an extremist.

An extremist would:

- Stand on top of a Mail box and curse upon every other religion's belief.
- Scold or harm their women for any reason whatsoever
- Kill people in the name of what they perceive of Islam (an example would be Osama Bin Laden, who is not a Muslim)
- Believe everyone but Muslims are going to hell.
- Watch Porn and say he/she is religious (which is against the Qur'an, once again)

A muslim would:

- Never curse, or if they dare to curse, do so minimally (even though it is against the Islamic Religion) - Hey, not everyone's perfect eh?
- Never harm anyone for any reason unless forced to or asked to by god (which, in the modern day, is impossible by the Qur'an)
- Never kill anyone in the name of Islam, rather die a martyr of Islam.
- Believe what is written in the Qur'an and understand that everyone has a chance of getting into heaven.

- Cover their eyes while a naked person, even half naked, were to walk past them.

A muslim is not a terrorist because Muslims are not allowed to be muslim if they kill anyone. No terrorist is a Muslim
Look at Muhammad, he treats his wife so gently and he never talks to anyone in a rude manner. He is a true muslim because he never swears and never stands on top of his mailbox screaming at either one of his two neighbours who are christian and jewish.
by ButtHurtGuyWhoHatesPropaganda December 28, 2013
Being a Muslim; Islam, is NOT being a terrorist. Muslim is a religion just like all the others. Muslims practice on being peaceful, respecting not only others but yourself, and showing your appreciation and love towards god whenever you can. They pray 5 times everyday to show how much we love God and how thankful we are for everything He does. Like most other religions, Muslims do NOT accept violence, killing/hurting of others or yourself. Most women wear a scarf around their heads; hijabs, and cover themselves head to toe. They save themselves for they're future husbands. They respect themselves and God enough to cover themselves completey to find someone who will look past the physical apearences and love them for who they are. Islam is basically like Christianity except we don't believe the Jesus is the son of god, Muslims don't praise him - or anyone more than God himself. They DO believe in Jesus, but as a prophet. Muslims believe, just like Christianity and Judaism, the story of Adam and Eve So before you go and judge a Muslim by saying they're a terrorist go and actually read up on who Muslims actually are; what they stand for. You can't judge a whole religion from the acts of those who also don't know what it is to be a Muslim. Rest a sure that by the eyes of Muslims terrorist are seen as sinners.
Muslims are religious people. Islam is a religion like all others.
by MIsForMe December 27, 2013

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