The word Muslim is an arabic word which translates to English literally as "One who has submitted " or "One who makes peace" and which religiously means "One who has submitted to the Will of God in peace".

It is the religion of the angels and of the prophets and of the believers.

Jesus (peace be upon him) taught the believer to say " Thine WILL be done, on earth as it is in heaven" and said "Blessed be the Peacemakers for they will be known as the servants of God"

This summarizes religious law on earth, together with correct belief and methods of worship.

Muhammed (peace be upon him) said "I am the final brick..." in a house built by all the previous prophets.
King James Bible/Mathew:

Jesus orders the believers (they didn't call themselves christians but peacemakers - in arabic "muslim") to pray like him in the garden of Gethsamene where Jesus would stand, bow, and prostrate his head on the ground while uttering specific words of praise that had been revealed for this usage by God.
by Like-it-is February 09, 2012
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Someone who follows the religion of Islam. Due to the actions of Islamic extremists in the past few years they are often stereotyped as terrorists. Most Muslims are peaceful people. Many forms of Islam are strict which is why Muslims dress in certain ways and do not eat things. They believe that their holy book the Qumran is the absolute teachings of God, who they call Allah. They believe that this message was received by the prophet Muhammad. Much like the bible, the Qumran encourages strict punishments to sinners and those who do not worship in the way they consider to be correct. Most Muslims do not act on these beliefs. A very small minority believe in the process of Jihad, which involves forcefully converting non-Muslims to Islam. Groups such as Al-Qaeda believe in this and have come to be seen as the stereotypical terrorists. A popular phrase is that most or all terrorists are Muslim, which is quite untrue. Many terrorists are Christians and other religions. Muslims believe in the rule of God over the rule of man, so many Islamic countries are led by royal families or religious leaders, and dictators. Another belief of Muslims is that the prophet Muhammad should never be depicted. Incidents in which this has happened have resulted in an uproar in the Muslim community, just as anti-Christian acts have caused protests in religiously conservative areas.
People who believe that Muslims are all terrorists have probably never met a Muslim.
Racist Idiot: All Muslims are terrorists. They should be arrested.

Other Guy: Have you ever met a Muslim?

Racist Idiot: No.

Other Guy: Exactly.
by jvovnbambavkfpb neibnae September 06, 2012
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1: A follower of the Islamic Religion, which, despite constant racism, produced some of the greatest minds of the ancient world. If only it were true now...
2: A narrowminded hypocrite. Due to the unwavering hatred of other religions because the Qur'an (supposedly) said so, while they don't even check if their sources are accurate.
3: (slang) A terrorist, mostly used by the large denominations of American Christians so far right that they fall of the page.
And I'm a Jew, I'm friends with a muslim,(Which goes directly against the Qur'an) and he doesn't blindly follow his religions Holy Book like SOME people. *coughcoughCatholicscoughcough*
1: No matter how much you claim to hate them, do you even know ONE thing about Islam?
2: The Qur'an states that you shouldn't be friends with Christians and Jews, because they are friends with each other. THIS IS BS! Christians regularly persecute Jews, and even other Christians. SHUT THE HELL UP!! Why can't you be more progressive with your religion?!
3: Alan:"Hey, some muslim bastard just blew up the City Hall!"
Me:"Excuse me, but why does he have to be muslim? Is it because you're so narrowminded that you can't accept the fact that there are some good muslim people in the world? Because that kind of discrimination is the same exact thing that they direct towards us, y'know.
Alan shuts up.
by Captain Flan April 17, 2006
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Muslims, people who belong to the religion Islam, the religion of peace. Good, smiley people that will help you out any time, doesnt turn our back on ya cause we fear God (Allah's) wrath. Doesnt descriminate people for race nor religion, tolerent, kind people. Unfortunately Muslims have been portrayed anything but good folk, but they are good folk.
A whole bunch of students studying for their exams. Girl with long Head scarfe comes in the group of freinds and they welcome her, and one guy asks for her help, she helps him.

Another girl is late and has no credit on her phone, asks a guy who happens to have a beard (not too long just right) and asks to borrow his phone. Without a hesitation he lets her call her freind. The girl asks the guy if he is a muslim cause she recognises the beard( some muslim guys choose to grow the beard cause the prophet Muhhammed grew a beard, keeping in mind its suppose to be a handful and not long and dirty) the guy says "yes"
a few examples of what muslims do
by ProUdToBeAmUSLiM June 11, 2007
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1) The name granted to bombs that scream 'Allahu Akbar' before exploding.

2) A bomb that follows a religion that hasn't changed since the stone-age.

3) Like any bomb, except they like to dress up in bedsheets.

4) Bombs that love to nutt on virgins once they've detonated.

5) Bombs that grew legs, arms, a mouth, and the right to be fully respected in Western societies without assimilating into them. If disrespected, they will explode.
1) Jeff: "I love being in this crowded mall that is a popular attraction for innocent children!"

Muslim: "ALLAHU AKBAR!!!"


2) Jeff: "Did you see that Muslim throwing stones at that pile of bloody bedsheets?"

Bob: "That was a Muslim woman, she has to wear bedsheets. Unfortunately she was caught driving."

Jeff: "We should probably get the fuck out of this country."

Bob: "We're in America. They have the right to claim everyone's land, remember?"

3) Jeff thought the 'floating' bedsheet was a ghost. Unfortunately it was just a Muslim. Jeff's severed head was found in the middle of a desert – sorry, in the middle of Pakistan the next day.

4) Allah had a mass-virgin-rape party with his fellow Muslims in heaven the other night.

5) Bob: "You fuck! You beheaded my best friend!"

Muslim: "Did you just use blasphemy to disrespect my religious practices? Racist white boy!"

Jeff: "So... you're not gonna explo-"

Muslim: "ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!"

by ShintyShinto April 24, 2017
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Muslim people follow the religion of Islam
a Muslim country/ state
a Muslim family
by Pundit.G September 07, 2016
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Muslim is a RELIGION not a RACE as most Americans will think. It is simply a religion and way of life just like Christianity and every other religion.
Idiot: "Go back to your country with your weird hoodies and goats!"

Muslim: "I'm from Utah...? What do you mean?"
by Draevyn January 12, 2017
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