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One who submits to the will of God. They have a bad rep for terrorism, but really that is only 10% of all Muslims in the world. Many of them are horrified by that 10% and wish they would change. They live in almost every country and are just as law abiding as the rest of us. They value hospitality, generosity, celibacy, kindness and are really some of the greatest people you will ever meet if you can put away your fear and get to know them. Not every Arab is a Muslim!!!!! Every Muslim believe that there is no other God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.
Please stop saying that Muslims are all terrorists; it's like saying every American is a loud, obnoxious person.
by suds11 October 28, 2013
Prevalent post 9/11 mindset towards an individual.A Persons beliefs/customs are often related with violent extremist acts just like christian terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh or the northem Ireland groups in previous years.
-Misconception:ALL terrorists are muslims, Timothy McVeigh was Christian,white american nextdoor boy,former US soldier.he is often call criminal instead of terrorist. Had he had less pale skin or foreing parents he would be called muslim terrorist.

Previous paranoias of the americana :comunism, totalitarism, fashism, sexysm.Post 9/11 terrorism, extremism.

"Hey Rijhad whats up? Havent seen u in a while, planing a muslim move on freedom tower?"

Rijhad: "Nah, cant board a plane no more, my hemorrhoids prevent TSA from performing any enhanced inspection techniques!"
by RomacIn December 06, 2012
A Muslim is a follower of the Islamic faith. Contrary to what appears to be, from the vast majority of the widely bigoted definitions other users of this website have submitted, popular belief, Mulsims follow a religion that is no better or worse than any other and is not a terrorist religion.
Muslims follow the prophet Muhammad.
Contrary to popular belief, jihad (holy war), although it is required by Islam, is often not a literal war. In fact, it is believed in the Islamic faith that inner war is the highest of all holy wars--meaning that one must fight inside oneself the way that many non-Muslims do on a day-to-day basis to be a better, holier person.
In Islam, Jews and Christians are accepted as "people of the book" because they use the same holy books that Muslims believe in and the Koran comes from.
Muslim terrorism often only comes from the power-hungry who abuse religion (and it cannot be denied that this hasn't occurred in all religions, particularly Christianity) and the uneducated who have been given misinformation by the power-hungry. Islam in itself is not a terrorist faith and never has been. Also, the notion that Islam was originally spread by early terrorists galloping through the Middle East on camel back is untrue and is a notion similar to the fact that a reason Christianity is so prevalent worldwide is that it was sometimes spread by force and violence, despite the fact that violence is an undeniable violation of the laws set forth in Christianity.
Muslim: Hi everyone I'm a Muslim and I'm not a terrorist.
by justtryingtostopsomeignorance September 26, 2011
A person following the religion of Islam, which is the belief in one God (Allah). Muslims have one prophet (Muhammad) of whom the religions book (the Qur'an) was sent down to. Although Muslims follow one prophet's message, they also believe in numerous other prophets including Jesus.

While most people think that Islam is a radical religion, it is not. For starters, the word itself means "peace" in Arabic. Muslims believe that life should be led peacefully and that the way peace is reached in ones life is by worshiping God in their everyday lives.
There are almost 2 billion Muslims around the world
by AquaFreak June 27, 2011
A muslim is someone who practises the religion of Islam; the only religion today in which The Lord commands the people to worship him alone, afterall, he is the One who created everything.
The Muslim is the one that worships Allah alone
by adsf1254 May 12, 2011
A individual who subjects to the total submission of Allah(god in arabic) and worships only god . the one and only god... someone who respects all the prophets of god including Muhammad and Jesus and many more...
muslims are not terrorist.... some people just follow the wrong words of their peers.... even a christian or jew can be a terrorist.. point given
by fathirah December 14, 2010
A misunderstood religion. People just see whats on T.V. and accept it. Muslims are SUPPOSED to be all about peace and being respectful to other religions. Kind of like how the Jews and Muslims lived in harmony. They also are supposed to be about peace. Hence the word "Islam" meaning peace. Terror and Islam contradict each other. Sadly Muslims today are portrayed as blood thirsty, womanizing animals. Which is totally against the religion of Islam. The Americans did a good job making this whole religion of peace look bad.
Muslims are the cause of 911. Proof?
by TruthSeeker416 April 09, 2013