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A person of the Islamic faith that worship Allah.
For those who think that all muslims are terrorists:
Coran did never mention that muslims should kill all non-muslims. It said: attack them if they attack you(like in a war). Terrorists are not muslim, or we can say that they're muslims that don't get the religion, wich means, dumb people. God did never tell muslims to kill any innocent (muslim, christian....etc)Conserning the way of wearing: people used to wear those clothes in the past. but now, the world has changed so women don't have to be like ninjas because, we can't know if it's a man or a woman.islam said that women should wear something that can't attract men sexually.now women are wearing a veil and respectable clothes. at least, for the non-muslims, we can know that this is a woman.she can wear whatever she wants, even if it's a lamp on her head or anything. it's her taste and it's her choice. why not criticizing hippies with their long hair and their beard?totally forgot that they're not muslims.I won't say that all the muslims are good. there are muslims that smell like shit and eat like pigs, racists and don't want to talk with "those who don't like allah"(i agree with you), but there are also peaceful muslims that are polite and talk with non-muslims considering them as humans with feelings and brain, and also as their brothers in the humanity.
I'm muslim and i'm proud of it!
by safaa1995 June 30, 2011
Somebody who goes to live in other peoples countries but refuses to integrate with or tolerate their way of life. At the same time they demand we tolerate them and make all the changes to accomodate their stoneage way of life.

Not all muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are muslims.

Great Britain - Love it or leave it.
(parasite of a state)
A form of lemming prone to spontaneous combustion.
Dude, did you see the crater that zany muslim left?
by TheSupremeBeing November 23, 2007
Half of the population of Michigan state!
Dearborn = 100% Muslim city!
by Dan August 07, 2003
A major religious group, one of the three Semitic religions. Believes in complete subjugation to god, and that the Koran is the immutable revealed truth which shall be for all time to come.

Unfortunately, a large section of muslims take this to mean that the Koran, being of god, shall prevail over all laws of man. For example, they believe that democracy is the law of people, not god, and so it is not for the devout muslim. Further, the contents of the Koran (evolved several hundred years back in a nomadic, warlike, women-suppressing community) are believed to be equally valid now.
Thus, it is extremely hard to find a truly democratic Muslim-majority country (perhaps Turkey is an exception). In consequence, most islamic countries are dogged by theocracy, civil war, decimation of minorities (look at the plight of hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh) or more recently, the killing of most pigs in Egypt, ostensibly in the name of H1N1, but really because the pig-growers were all coptic christians.

In countries where islam is dominant, there is war between factions or between secularists and islamists. In the countries where they are minorities, they have problems with the majority community (no matter which community this is--look at Mindanao, where one of the most pacific people, the Philippinos, are finding it difficult to coexist because of the Abu Salem group).
by Nissanga_the_Pacifist July 23, 2009
Contrary to popular belief not all Muslims are Terrorists..

...But all Terrorists are Muslims!
by Kimithylee dot com October 29, 2008
usually sombody who enters a country to try and change the way it works. They wear their ninja suits... sorry i mean bed sheets into schools and refuse to take them off to look like a normal human being.
Not every muslim is a terrorist but pretty much every terrorist is muslim
They take everything as racist...for example;
paki muslim "hey honkey craka"
white man " hey paki terrorist"
paki muslim " you are racist"
white man " you called me a honkey"

white man gets proscecuted.
by mpil November 22, 2007
run away ahhhhhhhhh hes got a strap-on bomb! <8~0
muslim: INFIDEL boom
by Ollie? September 03, 2008