A religious maniac that can't tolerate Christianity but expects everyone to tolerate them. Thats basically it. For more information, see Islam

also note that most muslims arent terrorists but most terrorists are muslims. just a few terrorists like George W Bush and Dick Cheney are.
Welcome to my country, Thank you Allah for this person.
Welcome to 7/11, Thank you Allah for gasoline.
Welcome to my cab, Thank you Allah for 7/11.
Welcome to my church, if you leave, when you die we will eat your corpse.
Welcome to Iraq, Thank Allah for the land we stand on even if we will be destroyed by it in 10 seconds because of a bomb.

Muslims are hypocrites.
by Tory Burnett December 01, 2007
A muslim is someone who practices islam. nothing more than that. islam is a monotheistic (1 god) religion that (believe it or not) incluedes many stories from the bible and the torah. It is believed that Allah (God) sent 4 books. the 1st 1 i 4get the name, but itz 4 the Janeists, then the torah 4 the Jews, then the bible 4 christians, then quran 4 muslims. suicide is sin and jihad is only if some1 else is trying 2 hurt u and ur religion 1st. hurting women and children is not permitted. I am a muslim, but a regular girl too. I go to public school, take stupid pics w/ bffs, throw parties or go to them, i complain about midterms and finals, i luagh at fart jokes, or any other joke really, i laugh at nigahiga & charlie the unicorn, and i <3 kitties!!!!! sum muslims choose 2 wear hijabs (i dont), its only a choice, but it doesnt mean ur less than a man or a terrorist. islam preaches for women to respect men and men to respect women equally. (this is a story said in my own words, not the qurans) our prophet, prophet muhammad once stopped at a jewish funeral 2 pay his respects. sum dude wuz like "yo muhammad, u do realize that dudes jewish" muhammad wuz all like "he is still a human being." I luv all ppl but cry my eyes out at nite 2 c ppl r still badmouthing my religion and more ppl agree than disagree.
I am a practicig muslim myself living in america and has dreams of being on broadway. I <3 splish splash, churros, kitties, and my bffs (christian/jewish/hindu/other bffs 2!!!!)
by nuthead678 January 12, 2011
Someone who follows Islam.
After believing in Islam, one is a Muslim.
by Trollgasm May 30, 2011
A religion very similar to Christianity. Regardless, conservative Christians in the U.S. discriminate against Muslims and preach the delusion that they are all terrorists, because U.S. propaganda nationalist news teaches them this. The U.S. government aids Israel in slaughtering the Palestinians, so other Arab and Muslim countries near Israel think the U.S. is composed of barbarians. Then the U.S. invades middle eastern countries near Israel, and it makes the U.S. look even worse, so the Muslims near the region hate on the U.S. even more. Meanwhile, nationalist news in the U.S. discriminates against Muslims, so that invasions by the U.S. seem justified.

Muslims are not stone age terrorists though. A majority of Malaysia is Muslim, and Malaysia is a modern civilized society that has an unemployment rate of about 3%. The United States unemployment rate is about triple that.

Most of the United Arab Emirates is Muslim, and they have one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Dubai. The world's largest sky scraper is in Dubai.
Fox News: "Muslims are terrorists, they want to kill Americans because they are jealous of our Capitalist greed, our V8 engines, our pop music, and our obsession with materialism and vanity."


(U.S. drops bombs on Pakistan killing countless civilians, with the excuse of fighting terrorism)
Pakistan Citizen: "I wish the white devil would go home and stop invading our country and killing our people. Now my mother in law will never leave, because they bombed her house. DAMN YOU AMERICA!"
by FuzzFoot April 03, 2012
a.People who follow the teachings of Islam.

b. People attacked by almost every ethnic group because of what a handful of radicals are doing. And the misunderstanding that they (the Muslims) are terrorists, when they are just trying to peacefully practice there religion.

c. Right-wing repellent

I am a christian, and even I know categorizing a people by radicals behavior is wrong. Live above the hate and accept all people's religion, and maybe radicals won't try to kill us.
Bob "He's a muslim, run!"
Jim "Dumbass, we have known him for nine years, he advocates peace!"
by the door 82 December 14, 2010
1. A follower of Islam, an Abrahamic religion
2. What many people ignorantly use to label anyone of Middle-Eastern descent.
1. The Muslim prayed outside.
Person: "Hey, this guy arrived from Iran the other day"
Ignorant person: "Oh, he's a Muslim!"
Person: "No, he's a devout Christian"
Ignorant person: "Oh...So he's a Christian Muslim!"
Person: *Facepalm*
by sega31098 September 17, 2013
someone who believes in God, the angels, the Last Day (aka the day of judgment) who also believes in messengers sent throughout time to different nations, including Jesus, with Mohammad being the final one. They do not attribute divinity to men, although some sects may have questionable pratices, these are innovations and influenced by culture or other sources. For the most part they are seen as a threat to liars or profits, hence why there is alot of negative propoganda surrounding them. Those behind the islamophobic movement harness the power of racist members of society. But, alas, haters gonna hate.
your muslim dentist/teacher/fellow commuter/sister or brother's friend/that guy or girl from work who is middle eastern/black/white/chinese etc.
by fan of cake July 25, 2012
A human being
Muslim: No further clarification required.
by Informer July 02, 2014

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