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A religious maniac that can't tolerate Christianity but expects everyone to tolerate them. Thats basically it. For more information, see Islam

also note that most muslims arent terrorists but most terrorists are muslims. just a few terrorists like George W Bush and Dick Cheney are.
Welcome to my country, Thank you Allah for this person.
Welcome to 7/11, Thank you Allah for gasoline.
Welcome to my cab, Thank you Allah for 7/11.
Welcome to my church, if you leave, when you die we will eat your corpse.
Welcome to Iraq, Thank Allah for the land we stand on even if we will be destroyed by it in 10 seconds because of a bomb.

Muslims are hypocrites.
by Tory Burnett December 01, 2007
a follower of Islam, which means peace. not terrorists, suicide bombers or killers. those people THINK they are muslims but they are nothing but murderers and are going on the wrong path.
teacher: what do you think about 9/11?
me: i believe the people who caused 9/11 were indeed, not muslims, but extremists.

teacher: so you think they are not muslims?
me: yes, muslims are a peaceful people, and it is forbidden to kill a people.
by just_hear_for_the_truth August 19, 2011
A Muslim (Arabic: مسلم‎; /ˈmʊslɨm/ MOOS-lim or English pronunciation: /ˈmʌzlɨm/ MUZ-lim) or Moslem1 is an adherent of the religion of Islam. Literally, the word means "one who submits (to God)". Muslim is the participle of the same verb of which Islam is the infinitive.2 All Muslims observe Sunnah, but differences in the definition of what is and what is not Sunnah has led to the emergence of sectarian movements.citation needed The well-organised and cohesive community of Muslims who accept the Sunnah as defined within one of the traditional Maliki, Hanafi, Shafi or Hanbali madhabs are the classical Sunni Muslims.citation neededOther Muslims, for example the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, are also well known as being an organised and a disciplined community3

Muslims believe that there is only one God, called Allah in Arabic. Muslims also believe that Islam existed long before Muhammad though it was not called Islam until the revelation of Surah al-Ma'ida. Muslims believe that this religion had evolved with time from the time of Adam until the time of Muhammad and was completed with the revelation of verse 3 of Surah al-Ma'ida:
This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you(Muslim) Islam as your religion.
by terboub January 08, 2011
Someone who follows the religion of Islam and is often misrepresented negatively by the media. 99.99999999 % are peaceful people that want to get on with other people and their own lives.
That dude who follows the Islamic faith is a muslim
by mojo_jojo2k11 January 07, 2012
A person of the Islamic faith that worship Allah.
For those who think that all muslims are terrorists:
Coran did never mention that muslims should kill all non-muslims. It said: attack them if they attack you(like in a war). Terrorists are not muslim, or we can say that they're muslims that don't get the religion, wich means, dumb people. God did never tell muslims to kill any innocent (muslim, christian....etc)Conserning the way of wearing: people used to wear those clothes in the past. but now, the world has changed so women don't have to be like ninjas because, we can't know if it's a man or a woman.islam said that women should wear something that can't attract men sexually.now women are wearing a veil and respectable clothes. at least, for the non-muslims, we can know that this is a woman.she can wear whatever she wants, even if it's a lamp on her head or anything. it's her taste and it's her choice. why not criticizing hippies with their long hair and their beard?totally forgot that they're not muslims.I won't say that all the muslims are good. there are muslims that smell like shit and eat like pigs, racists and don't want to talk with "those who don't like allah"(i agree with you), but there are also peaceful muslims that are polite and talk with non-muslims considering them as humans with feelings and brain, and also as their brothers in the humanity.
I'm muslim and i'm proud of it!
by safaa1995 June 30, 2011
A muslim is someone who practices islam. nothing more than that. islam is a monotheistic (1 god) religion that (believe it or not) incluedes many stories from the bible and the torah. It is believed that Allah (God) sent 4 books. the 1st 1 i 4get the name, but itz 4 the Janeists, then the torah 4 the Jews, then the bible 4 christians, then quran 4 muslims. suicide is sin and jihad is only if some1 else is trying 2 hurt u and ur religion 1st. hurting women and children is not permitted. I am a muslim, but a regular girl too. I go to public school, take stupid pics w/ bffs, throw parties or go to them, i complain about midterms and finals, i luagh at fart jokes, or any other joke really, i laugh at nigahiga & charlie the unicorn, and i <3 kitties!!!!! sum muslims choose 2 wear hijabs (i dont), its only a choice, but it doesnt mean ur less than a man or a terrorist. islam preaches for women to respect men and men to respect women equally. (this is a story said in my own words, not the qurans) our prophet, prophet muhammad once stopped at a jewish funeral 2 pay his respects. sum dude wuz like "yo muhammad, u do realize that dudes jewish" muhammad wuz all like "he is still a human being." I luv all ppl but cry my eyes out at nite 2 c ppl r still badmouthing my religion and more ppl agree than disagree.
I am a practicig muslim myself living in america and has dreams of being on broadway. I <3 splish splash, churros, kitties, and my bffs (christian/jewish/hindu/other bffs 2!!!!)
by nuthead678 January 12, 2011
A person/group of people suffering from the ignorance of the world. The terrorists that claim to follow the religion of Islam are known as extremists for a reason - they take every word to the worst extreme. And it must also be pointed out that not all terrorists are muslims. Terrorism is defined as the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear. Can this not be applied to religious persecution, to the holocaust, to practically any historic tragedy that was born from harmful religious/political/theoretic ideals?

A muslim is a human being following a religion that they feel will guide them to an enlightened life, just like a Catholic or a Bhuddist or a Hindu to their respective beliefs. A muslim is a person that is not automatically connected to modern day terrorist attacks, and should not be treated as such.
A muslim is a person, not a generalized stereotype based off of cowardly fear and ignorance.
by whatiswrongwithsociety September 26, 2011
A person who believes in the oneness of God, and Muhammad being his last prophet. Muslims believe in the Quran, a book they believe was revealed by God upon the prophet Muhammad. Islam requires muslims to believe in all previous prophets (like Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jesus) and books (like Torah, Zabur, Bible). Literally the word means 'someone who acquires peace by submitting to the will of God'.
He has to pray 5 times a day, he is a Muslim.
by Omore March 08, 2012