A religious maniac that can't tolerate Christianity but expects everyone to tolerate them. Thats basically it. For more information, see Islam

also note that most muslims arent terrorists but most terrorists are muslims. just a few terrorists like George W Bush and Dick Cheney are.
Welcome to my country, Thank you Allah for this person.
Welcome to 7/11, Thank you Allah for gasoline.
Welcome to my cab, Thank you Allah for 7/11.
Welcome to my church, if you leave, when you die we will eat your corpse.
Welcome to Iraq, Thank Allah for the land we stand on even if we will be destroyed by it in 10 seconds because of a bomb.

Muslims are hypocrites.
by Tory Burnett December 01, 2007
A follower of the Islam religion.
Some Muslims use their faith as an excuse to kill innocents.
by Cortana Dragoon July 15, 2005
People that come from other contries, mainly from israel and tries to bomb UK and USA so hard to cause chaos in those contries.Mainly black muslims but i do believe any white person can become muslim aswell.They also stink of poo.
Person A:I don't like muslims they all bomb are country.
Person B:I to hate them, they are filthy fuckers.
by sssdsad October 28, 2007
used 2 b normal ppl who were misuided by politicians like khomeni and shit now theyre just a plain odd people .....dunno see some ppl blame the u s fr pumpin money into these bastards but not neccesary ....take this simple test find a muslim and use the word prophet in a non religious manner and if ur still attached 2 ur head and are not the president of a country with his personal gaurd surroundin him come back 2 me.....
me:"did cha know that nostradamus was a prophet frm the middle ages that predicted the birth of an antichrist"
I*r*f*a*n:hey.........(slobber slobber) u insult me (scrathes his hairy butt)u insult prophet guy die die!
two days later....
i*r*f*a*n is declared a hero by the muslim world fr the bravery shown by him during the "holy" war against a 17 year old dude who watches the history channel
by watchoutpakiimout2getu June 21, 2006
A person who believes in Islam.
A person who believes in Christianity is called a Christian. Same thing with Muslims
by SuperGee January 19, 2011
1: A follower of the Islamic Religion, which, despite constant racism, produced some of the greatest minds of the ancient world. If only it were true now...
2: A narrowminded hypocrite. Due to the unwavering hatred of other religions because the Qur'an (supposedly) said so, while they don't even check if their sources are accurate.
3: (slang) A terrorist, mostly used by the large denominations of American Christians so far right that they fall of the page.
And I'm a Jew, I'm friends with a muslim,(Which goes directly against the Qur'an) and he doesn't blindly follow his religions Holy Book like SOME people. *coughcoughCatholicscoughcough*
1: No matter how much you claim to hate them, do you even know ONE thing about Islam?
2: The Qur'an states that you shouldn't be friends with Christians and Jews, because they are friends with each other. THIS IS BS! Christians regularly persecute Jews, and even other Christians. SHUT THE HELL UP!! Why can't you be more progressive with your religion?!
3: Alan:"Hey, some muslim bastard just blew up the City Hall!"
Me:"Excuse me, but why does he have to be muslim? Is it because you're so narrowminded that you can't accept the fact that there are some good muslim people in the world? Because that kind of discrimination is the same exact thing that they direct towards us, y'know.
Alan shuts up.
by Captain Flan April 17, 2006
Muslims say they honor Jesus Christ. They deny the testimony about His life, death, and resurrection. Muslims are attempting to make a liar out of Jesus Christ, who's entire reason for coming to earth was to die for your sin and set you free.

Muslim is a religion under the bondage and yoke of Satan. Every practicing Muslim is oppressed by evil spirits whom they think is Allah, or their god. As Satan runs around appearing as an angel of light trying to deceive anyone -- he has deceived the Muslims.
All Muslims are under Satan's bondage and are in need of a Savior.
by jream May 18, 2009
A peaceful religion which only believes in spreading love, peace, weapons (oops) peace, love (did i say peace?)

We are a bunch of people who believe in Allah. And we believe that you should believe in Him (ALMIGHTY ALLAH THE SAVIOUR OF SOULS BPTMGHST) too, because He is the supreme saviour- the Big Daddy of all gods.
Allah is numero uno. Your god is not numero uno. So bow down before I blow myself up!
Don't call Muslims violent again! Else I chop your head off!
by hubbaf June 30, 2009

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