Follower of a totalitarian ideology that disguises itself as religion, to enjoy tolerance and freedom in societies Islam has seeked to destroy for centuries. Evolved from a small band of desert raiders led by a bloodthirsty, sexually challenged eccentrist called Muhammad. It is the only "religion" which makes the taboo of manslaughter relative. While all religions say, "thou shouldst not kill" Islam says, "thou shouldst not kill Muslims and innocents" leaving it to the Muslims themselves to decide who is innocent.
It is a backward agressive idology built on racism and religious discrimination, giving rights to people according to their gender and religion. It is the complete opposite of our culture that is built on human rights and the separation of law, state and church, an ideology that tolerates other ideologies only after subduing them. Since the very early years Muslims brought destruction and death to peoples who were unlucky enough to get in the Muslim's way. Historical relations with Europe are almost entirely about Europeans fighting off Muslim agression since the early IXt century right until the XIXth when the final Muslim soldier was kicked out of mainland Europe (from Turkish-occupied Bulgaria). However, Muslims like to keep quiet about their bloody history but never fail to point the fingers of the Crusades, as if they hadn't waged a continuous war against other cultures an all continents wherre Muslims set foot.

The way Muslims lie and deceive others about the nature of their ideology is unparalleled. They also seem to suffer from a collective denial of facts which prevents them from realising the dark side of their religion and doing something about it, like Protestantism did to renew Christianity.
Racism, sexism, intolerance and aggression are not unknown to other cultures but only Islam justifies this things by "the will of God".
It is probably worse than Fascist as not even Nazis took the streets in happy celebration after killing several thousand civilians in a country with which feeds and supports many Muslim states.
Gravely misunderstood and even patronised in Europe, Islam will lead to continent-wide civil wars in about 50-60 years on the parts of the continent where was stupid enough to let this Fascist ideology thrive.

Muslims usually claim that they are not all terrorists, which equals to whitewashing Nazism (the ideology probably closest to Islam) by saying that you can't blame a whole ideology for the crimes of a few Eichmanns.

The greatest allies of Islam are political correctness and tolerance, the earlier out of simple ignorance, the latter out of cowardice and fear of conflict.

Islam is the enemy of our values like freedom and human rights and therefore a deadly and uncompromising enemy of our civilization as well.
"In 732 at Poitier, a town in the middle of France, Muslim invaders were finally beaten back"

"A Muslim must not enslave another Muslim but is free to do so with a non-Muslim"
by Bobbb23 July 27, 2006
A muslim is someone who practices islam. nothing more than that. islam is a monotheistic (1 god) religion that (believe it or not) incluedes many stories from the bible and the torah. It is believed that Allah (God) sent 4 books. the 1st 1 i 4get the name, but itz 4 the Janeists, then the torah 4 the Jews, then the bible 4 christians, then quran 4 muslims. suicide is sin and jihad is only if some1 else is trying 2 hurt u and ur religion 1st. hurting women and children is not permitted. I am a muslim, but a regular girl too. I go to public school, take stupid pics w/ bffs, throw parties or go to them, i complain about midterms and finals, i luagh at fart jokes, or any other joke really, i laugh at nigahiga & charlie the unicorn, and i <3 kitties!!!!! sum muslims choose 2 wear hijabs (i dont), its only a choice, but it doesnt mean ur less than a man or a terrorist. islam preaches for women to respect men and men to respect women equally. (this is a story said in my own words, not the qurans) our prophet, prophet muhammad once stopped at a jewish funeral 2 pay his respects. sum dude wuz like "yo muhammad, u do realize that dudes jewish" muhammad wuz all like "he is still a human being." I luv all ppl but cry my eyes out at nite 2 c ppl r still badmouthing my religion and more ppl agree than disagree.
I am a practicig muslim myself living in america and has dreams of being on broadway. I <3 splish splash, churros, kitties, and my bffs (christian/jewish/hindu/other bffs 2!!!!)
by nuthead678 January 12, 2011
A person/group of people suffering from the ignorance of the world. The terrorists that claim to follow the religion of Islam are known as extremists for a reason - they take every word to the worst extreme. And it must also be pointed out that not all terrorists are muslims. Terrorism is defined as the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear. Can this not be applied to religious persecution, to the holocaust, to practically any historic tragedy that was born from harmful religious/political/theoretic ideals?

A muslim is a human being following a religion that they feel will guide them to an enlightened life, just like a Catholic or a Bhuddist or a Hindu to their respective beliefs. A muslim is a person that is not automatically connected to modern day terrorist attacks, and should not be treated as such.
A muslim is a person, not a generalized stereotype based off of cowardly fear and ignorance.
by whatiswrongwithsociety September 26, 2011
A religion, that's often WRONGLY accused of terrorism. Think about it...does Hitler represent how evil every Christian people who do those attacks have no idea what being a real one of these means! If you still think that....then guess what...your just showing that people from your religion have nothing better to do than change this definition of a Muslim.
The Muslim offerered his shoesto the homelessman who didn't have any
by Angelina123 January 30, 2016
a.People who follow the teachings of Islam.

b. People attacked by almost every ethnic group because of what a handful of radicals are doing. And the misunderstanding that they (the Muslims) are terrorists, when they are just trying to peacefully practice there religion.

c. Right-wing repellent

I am a christian, and even I know categorizing a people by radicals behavior is wrong. Live above the hate and accept all people's religion, and maybe radicals won't try to kill us.
Bob "He's a muslim, run!"
Jim "Dumbass, we have known him for nine years, he advocates peace!"
by the door 82 December 14, 2010
Muslims are a religious group of people who can be misunderstood. Many believe Muslims are terrorists. THEY ARE NOT. A true Muslims will never harm other people. Terrorists only call themselves Muslims. If you know a Muslim you are very lucky. I believe the world shall give them a chance. They believe in God. They pray 5 times a day and pray at a place called a mosque. Muslims are a spreading religion that shows the beauty of the world. They have it tough because of stereo typical information. Muslims are good people.
God the most merciful , will forgive people.- something Muslims most say everyday
by Lulucute January 19, 2016
People who follow the religion Islam. Most are peaceful but some have lost their way. Those people are not Muslims. They don't follow our rules and you can't just say that all Muslims are bad when they aren't and you know that. Do you know how many killers are white and you don't here anyone else say 'oh this person is white and is bad so they're all bad.' And people who think that Muslims are all bad are hypocrites. and if all Muslims are bad then you're saying sweet innocent baby that just came out of his mother's womb is bad. You hate little kids who don't know any better just because they're Muslims. Think about that next time you say all Muslims are bad. Yeah they're some who are bad, but don't forget about your ancestors when they enslaved and raped Africans. And the trail of tears and you decide to put him on the tweet when he ain't even worth a cent. The afrikeners in South Africa, American Indians in America. And stop saying go back to where you came from cause we're all damn immigrants, except for the American Indians. You're probably too stupid to know what you are but your not just "America". And your ancestors are the ones who brought thousands of Africans to America in the first place!! I'm done now. P.s FUCK TRUMP AND RACIST PEOPLE.
My religion is Islam so therefore that makes me Muslim.
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