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a follower to the religion of Islam, as Jews are to Judaism.

followers of a peaceful religion that unfortunately, due to a group of extremists, have been labelled as terrorists by ignorant people all over the world.

Muslims are from all over the globe with diverse ethnicity ranging from north americans (americans, canada) through to europeans (english, spanish, russian), asian (chinese, vietnamese, japanese), and australian and new zealanders.

due to the action of Muslim by name, ie Al-Qaeda (which a great number of Muslims would not call a muslim), Muslims has been stereotyped as terrorists.
and unfortunately, ignorant people has accepted the stereotypical view that Muslims are hostage taking, plane hijacking, suicide bombing arabs. whilst before the most recent histories such actions has been done over by other races and believers, for materialistic purpose (money).

and not to mention that terrorism done under the name of religion has been done over before by the crusaders. crusaders are a group of Christians who committed genocide on Muslims in spain under the name of Christianity, yet, no one really cared about it, or going on about how "evil" Christians are.

everything that these so-called muslims done in recent history has been done over by other races and other religion.

whilst some might be rational enough to explore more about Islam and Muslims under hate, what they shouldve done is explore under the need for knowledge. if these few numbers actually cared for understanding they would have understood that just as other religion's sacred writings, they are not to be taken literally. in previous definitions, war could mean the action of equalizing the spreading of the words of the Qur'an, to convert the followers of other faiths peacefully.
knowing the words is one thing, understanding them is another.

some of you might think of course religions try to convert people peacefully. this isn't true. there has been numerous attempts of conversion done by Christians (not trying to offend, but they are the most talked about), using force, kidnapping and force raping until the victim is no longer able to say no. (again, not to offend anyone, but to put forth examples that other faiths also has groups of blacksheeps)

if we were to talk of how a small part of a group examplifies what the group is like, american government would examplify how uncivilized and arrogant the american are. over recent history the american government has either been involved in wars that they have no reason to be in, using the fallacy of being a peacemaker, or terrorizing in other countries. vietnam, japan, iraq to name a few. when they weren't as involved in other conflicts, bosnia, ireland.

to stereotype Muslims is as idiotic as to stereotype america as a country of backwards.
also note that the media is also doing wrong by putting forth of acts of terrorism done only by muslims. an example would be how israel is robbing palestine of its land yet only a handful of media network would tell us so.

if the bombing were to occur in malaysia, taking down the twin towers, only a minority of americans would have cared so much, and it is doubtful that the media would have "hyped" the incident as much.
by educatedandcaresabouttopic March 17, 2005
Somebody who goes to live in other peoples countries but refuses to integrate with or tolerate their way of life. At the same time they demand we tolerate them and make all the changes to accomodate their stoneage way of life.

Not all muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are muslims.

Great Britain - Love it or leave it.
(parasite of a state)
A form of lemming prone to spontaneous combustion.
Dude, did you see the crater that zany muslim left?
by TheSupremeBeing November 23, 2007
Half of the population of Michigan state!
Dearborn = 100% Muslim city!
by Dan August 07, 2003
Contrary to popular belief not all Muslims are Terrorists..

...But all Terrorists are Muslims!
by Kimithylee dot com October 29, 2008
A major religious group, one of the three Semitic religions. Believes in complete subjugation to god, and that the Koran is the immutable revealed truth which shall be for all time to come.

Unfortunately, a large section of muslims take this to mean that the Koran, being of god, shall prevail over all laws of man. For example, they believe that democracy is the law of people, not god, and so it is not for the devout muslim. Further, the contents of the Koran (evolved several hundred years back in a nomadic, warlike, women-suppressing community) are believed to be equally valid now.
Thus, it is extremely hard to find a truly democratic Muslim-majority country (perhaps Turkey is an exception). In consequence, most islamic countries are dogged by theocracy, civil war, decimation of minorities (look at the plight of hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh) or more recently, the killing of most pigs in Egypt, ostensibly in the name of H1N1, but really because the pig-growers were all coptic christians.

In countries where islam is dominant, there is war between factions or between secularists and islamists. In the countries where they are minorities, they have problems with the majority community (no matter which community this is--look at Mindanao, where one of the most pacific people, the Philippinos, are finding it difficult to coexist because of the Abu Salem group).
by Nissanga_the_Pacifist July 23, 2009
Follower of a totalitarian ideology that disguises itself as religion, to enjoy tolerance and freedom in societies Islam has seeked to destroy for centuries. Evolved from a small band of desert raiders led by a bloodthirsty, sexually challenged eccentrist called Muhammad. It is the only "religion" which makes the taboo of manslaughter relative. While all religions say, "thou shouldst not kill" Islam says, "thou shouldst not kill Muslims and innocents" leaving it to the Muslims themselves to decide who is innocent.
It is a backward agressive idology built on racism and religious discrimination, giving rights to people according to their gender and religion. It is the complete opposite of our culture that is built on human rights and the separation of law, state and church, an ideology that tolerates other ideologies only after subduing them. Since the very early years Muslims brought destruction and death to peoples who were unlucky enough to get in the Muslim's way. Historical relations with Europe are almost entirely about Europeans fighting off Muslim agression since the early IXt century right until the XIXth when the final Muslim soldier was kicked out of mainland Europe (from Turkish-occupied Bulgaria). However, Muslims like to keep quiet about their bloody history but never fail to point the fingers of the Crusades, as if they hadn't waged a continuous war against other cultures an all continents wherre Muslims set foot.

The way Muslims lie and deceive others about the nature of their ideology is unparalleled. They also seem to suffer from a collective denial of facts which prevents them from realising the dark side of their religion and doing something about it, like Protestantism did to renew Christianity.
Racism, sexism, intolerance and aggression are not unknown to other cultures but only Islam justifies this things by "the will of God".
It is probably worse than Fascist as not even Nazis took the streets in happy celebration after killing several thousand civilians in a country with which feeds and supports many Muslim states.
Gravely misunderstood and even patronised in Europe, Islam will lead to continent-wide civil wars in about 50-60 years on the parts of the continent where was stupid enough to let this Fascist ideology thrive.

Muslims usually claim that they are not all terrorists, which equals to whitewashing Nazism (the ideology probably closest to Islam) by saying that you can't blame a whole ideology for the crimes of a few Eichmanns.

The greatest allies of Islam are political correctness and tolerance, the earlier out of simple ignorance, the latter out of cowardice and fear of conflict.

Islam is the enemy of our values like freedom and human rights and therefore a deadly and uncompromising enemy of our civilization as well.
"In 732 at Poitier, a town in the middle of France, Muslim invaders were finally beaten back"

"A Muslim must not enslave another Muslim but is free to do so with a non-Muslim"
by Bobbb23 July 27, 2006
possibly an acrinim for: Must Use Something Lethal In Massacre!
many a massacre in the world today. many performed by a muslim
by harray shipmonay March 14, 2008