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a bookmark for muslim people
hi there. I needed a muslim bookmark for my muslim book.
by Pineapple.243 December 23, 2009
A muslim bookmark is a bookmark that adheres to the Islamic faith
hello there.

According to this page marked by this muslim bookmark, I'm currently looking at page 15.
by SAMTHELAM January 20, 2010
a muslim bookmark is a piece of paper that is used by muslims to mark pages of a book
Yo, give me that piece of paper so I can mark where I am!
Fo' sho, I'll give you a muslim bookmark, since you're muslim
by DingDong245 January 03, 2010
a muslim man or woman dressed to resemble a bookmark used to mark pages of books.
Hey, why do you look like a sheet of paper?

Cuz I'm trying to be a bookmark - a muslim bookmark that is.
by d03pajq23 January 22, 2010
A dirty Tampon used as to mark the parts of the Koran that women hate, or that denigrate women.
FUCK I can't believe that piece of SHIT MoHAMhead said hell is mostly filled with women. I want to remember that, so I'll pull out this bloody tampon and use it as a MUSLIM BOOKMARK.
by Bunny Olesen July 08, 2012
A bookmark with the word "muslim" written on it used by muslims.
Hey, I noticed your bookmark has the word "muslim" on it. Interesting... Let's call it a muslim bookmark.
by Ariz0naD4ve January 22, 2010
A Muslim bookmark is a piece of paper that is used by Muslim people to mark pages of books so that they can refer back to those pages in the future.
ALI: Yo, how's it going Bill, wanna check out my book?

BILL: What are all of these pieces of paper inside the book?

ALI: They're MUSLIM BOOKMARKS that help me mark pages...
by JV8immy January 18, 2010
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