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A member of the muslamic faith, often found caught up in rape gangs, trying to impose iraqi islamic in london despite doing it in other countries. Highly opposed by the EDL.
The muslamic infidels are bringin thier law to our country.
by GTJleeds March 24, 2011
A term used by members of the English Defence League, meaning: A follower of the Muslam religion, with a penchant for extremism and for spreading their laws & customs in Britain.
EDL member: I'm ere to protest, right, cos I wunt Brittan to be back British, I wunt Brittan to be back British. These pakis right, there tryna put dahn there law, tha Muslamic infidel's tryna put tha Iraqi law dahn on are country, puttin it dahn right, on Brittan un forcin us to speak mosque!
by KermitDaFrog November 21, 2012
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