A time when a group of straight girls and gay boys get together and pretend to be someone other than themselves. Often involves excessive time spent with the same group of people, creating a family atmosphere.
"It's time to go hang out with my family. I mean, I have hang out with my family from the musicals"
by Sra_Kate February 13, 2009
For Males: Musicals represent the internal struggle between wanting to make the girlfriend happy, and the complete soundness of mind and body.

For Females: Musicals are tests to see to what extent the boyfriend figure will put himself through to do something for you.


A punishment for a behavior unwanted by the girlfriend, wife, fiance, exc.
The felamle punished her boyfriend by taking him to a musical.
by Girltalk January 28, 2007
a bollocks play with singing in it
this musicals really starting to do my head in
by alkie chris November 26, 2003
Gay slang for "homosexual".
"Is he Musical? If so I would like to introduce him to my pink oboe!"
by Dr Pinch September 15, 2004
a play that when they feel a song coming on you feel a migrane coming on
:fancy going to see cats
:no fuck off
by gavin November 26, 2003
Bad acting and bad songs combined, Child actors running around and pretending to be great. The fun thing is that if you happen to die, you com eback as a jolly ghost who will grant all the kids in the audience 3 wishes.

loser 1- "Dont you just the looove musical oliver twist? i just weep when nancy dies"

me: "Yes, i love the way she gets slowly murdered by a lead bullet wedged in her upper temple, as she slides down the stage in a melodramatic, irritatting style, and little ballache Oliver (played by a 11 year old, pushed into the theatre school by his over protective mother who is a also a failed acress) attempts to cry while waving to his mum in the front row."
by jonnyw258 November 14, 2006

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