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When the copyright of a once good or even mediocre song expires and a musician with absolutely no talent what-so-ever steals the best parts of that song, puts them in thier music and either claims originality, or completely ruins the original song for all who like it.
Douchebag#1: What song is this? Right Round by Flo Rida?
Douchebag#2: Yeah, I love this song! Flo Rida's such an original musician with a lot of talent.

Cool-guy: You 2 are douchebags! This song pulls such a musical fraud on Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Right Round".

Similar circumstances for Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani and If I Were A Wealthy Man from the movie Fiddler On The Roof, etc.
by 3ATM3 December 09, 2009
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