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when a band cannot stick to one genre and every other song sounds like a different type of music
that new band is good but since every song is placed into a different genre we have now started to say they have musical adhd
by Amadeo Midnight January 23, 2009
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When one is listening to songs and just can't finish one without switching to a different song halfway through. Usually something is the song will remind them of another song and they just don't have it in them to finish the song they're currently listening.
Guy 1: Check out this new song
Guy 2: Ok man
Guy 1: Now wait, check out this new song I found
Guy 2: Don't you want to finish the new song you're showing me first
Guy 1: No
Guy 2: Man you have some serious Musical Adhd
by Chame1eons September 27, 2013

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