A music teacher is many things, most common is a boring 25-900 year old who has an intrest in classical music and thinks electric guitars/bass are satanic. they can also have a big attitude problem and can be sometimes quite pathetic. spesh if you go to william brookes school.
"music Teachers", what instroment do you play?

"you", electric guitar (or bass).

"teacher", (angrey look thinking that you are a wannabe and are a discrase to your instroment) that is not aproprate.

"you" why?

"teacher", respect my atharaty(throwing table to the other side of the room).
by flkghjflgkhj February 24, 2009
Top Definition
The greatest most gifted people you will ever meet. People you are kind and skilled in their musical ability and will teach you how to sing or play an instrument.
My music teacher is amazing at playing the guitar!
by ignatious June 29, 2005
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