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Music; Noun. pronounced "myoo-zick".
Music is about Memories. Feelings. Love. Hate. Sex. Life. Past. Present. Future. Music is everything and everywhere. It means everything. It is everyone's and yet it is yours and only yours. It is ours. It is private and shared. Music is the silence of spoken word, and yet it's fruition. Music changes everything. Listen.
Music, yknow, what you listen to!
by Craig Philip Bainton May 14, 2006
Where words fail music speak.
Music is an expression of things we can't say.
by Large Fry November 06, 2005
I would absolutely die without music.
by xRevolution09x March 16, 2010
The only thing that makes sense anymore.
The Beatles made some of the best music.
by Isac Jones May 18, 2009
It's not entertainment, it's life.
Music is my life.
by Alternate Musical January 24, 2009
a harmonic connection between all human beings
everyone can relate to music at some times
by Sarahisrawr November 04, 2007
M - Mankind's
U - Unique
S - Skill
I - In
C - Creation
Without music, we would be lost.
by tonedeff November 20, 2008