The food for the soul, can ease any pain.
Rock, R&B and rap are the greatest forms of music.
by phattest of the phat April 26, 2005
silence is silver, but music is gold.
this is a quote for music, i found and i liked it so i put it on here
by Bittney March 09, 2006
Music is the essence of humanity. light and beautiful, yet it will live on through the ages...through war, famine, drought, will always be there. There is no sciecentific formula for music, it cannot be made on a production line. Music is only music when made by an instrument. Music is from the heart. Great jazz artists that are now dead, but their live recordings live on capturing how they felt there and then on that stage. Music is life, love and without it we would cease to exist!
Without music my heart would not know when to beat
by anon. April 08, 2004
color in your ear, in time boundaries
I can see red, I can hear music.
by R8chel October 29, 2003
Music is just sequences of sounds and sometimes vocals put together.

Now, it has become categories in which today's people has put themselves in express to the world what they represent or what they want to represent.

Categories like gangstas,punk rockers, ravers, ginos, metal rockers, etc.

What I don't understand is why these categories constantly attack each other and their taste, most of the people who actually truly align themselves into a single demographic (most noticable are the "gangstas", but rockers are catching up...) Actually got into that music because it was the fad at the time.

This saying that people aren't truly expressing themselves, but are just emulating what's on TV or what their older friends do.

Music is music. All music is related to each other so make fun of one genre and you will make fun of every genre.
Background music of Rap -> Simple generalized electronic music -> Disco -> "Funky type rock" -> Regular rock -> Country -> Vocals -> Operas(classical singing sorta thing) -> poetry -> rap
by Yourname April 16, 2004
Music; Noun. pronounced "myoo-zick".
Music is about Memories. Feelings. Love. Hate. Sex. Life. Past. Present. Future. Music is everything and everywhere. It means everything. It is everyone's and yet it is yours and only yours. It is ours. It is private and shared. Music is the silence of spoken word, and yet it's fruition. Music changes everything. Listen.
Music, yknow, what you listen to!
by Craig Philip Bainton May 14, 2006
Including, but not limited to;
- Free Jazz
- Avante-Garde Jazz
- Latin Jazz
- Jazz Fusion
- Boogie Woogie
- R and B
- Funk
- Pop Rock
- Rock and Roll
- Soft Rock
- Hard Rock
- East Coast Rock
- West Coast Rock
- Progressive Rock
- Death Metal
- Black Metal
- Power Metal
- Thrash Metal
- Nu Metal
- Crust Punk
- Pop Punk
- Dance Punk
- Ska
- Grindcore
- Melodicore
- Metalcore
- Mathcore
Hip Hop
- Rap
- Latin Folk
- Indie Folk
- Indie Alternative
- Indie Ambient
- Indie Rock
- Avante-Garde
- Electronica

Music is love. Spread the love.
by FierceGrape July 12, 2006

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